Murcia al Vino

Region: Murcia region, Spain
Milk: Goat
Texture: semi-soft

Murcia al Vino is produced in the hot and dry Murcia region in southeastern Spain. This cheese was granted Denominations of Origin Certification in July of 2001.

Murcia al Vino is a pasteurized but not cooked, pressed, semi-soft cheese. After the cheese has been pressed and allowed to dry it is immersed in local Murcian wine and aged for about 75 days. Since it is immersed in wine it has come to be known as the “Drunken Goat”cheese. Murcia al Vinos technically a washed rind cheese but it does not have an overpowering aroma. The wine bath imparts its flavour and burgundy colour to the outer rind  producing a distinctive and colourful cheese with a fruity scent of wine.

Murcia al Vino is a striking cheese that provides great contrast between the edible deep reddish-purple rind and the snow-white paste.The aromas are floral and reminiscent of the wine bath the cheese ages in. Take a bite and expect a mild, pleasant flavour with slight spicy and salty tang in the background.The flavours are subtle compared to the visual appearance.

Summer is a great time to enjoy this cheese so serve Murcia al Vino with sweet summer fruits as a table cheese or as an appetizer with crusty bread or crackers. Also try it melted on your favourite sandwich or shaved into salads to add an interesting new flavour and a distinctive colour.

Wine pairing: Spanish reds like Rioja or Riberia del Duero or other fruity Spanish reds and whites