Ontario, Canada
Milk: sheep
Texture: semi-firm

Made by Back Forty Artisan Cheese, Madawaska is the perfect artisan find for the hard-core cheese lover in your life. Rich and luxurious, it is reminiscent of a dense, beautiful piece of cheesecake in both appearance and texture.

Madawaska is a semi-soft, surface-ripened, triple cream of raw ewe’s milk cheese. It provides a range of tastes and textures from a chalky, slightly tangy center to a soft, sweet and slightly salty cream under the rind. The Madawaska was named one of the ten best cheeses in Toronto according to Toronto Life! With its thick, white, almost crust-like bloomy rind and creamy, dense paste you will find mushroomy aromas and full, sweet, tangy, milky mildly grassy flavours that linger bite after bite. Delicate, citric yogurt aromas lead to a melting sweetly mineral finish.

Pair with a sparkling or Pinot Gris wine or try it with a wheat beer.