Louis Dubois

Region: Quebec
Milk: Cow
Texture: semi-soft

Louis-Dubois is an artisan cheese from Fromagerie Éco-Délices, Plessisville, Québec. Made from cow’s milk, this ivory, semi-soft cheese is aged, hand-rubbed and hand-washed with an expertly blended enzymatic mix, which gives the cheese its exceptional range of flavours. Discover a plethora of rich aromas accompanied by flavours of fruit and wild mushrooms. The Le Louis-Dubois is ripened on pine wood boards to produce a decidedly savoury taste as well as a uniform rind with a pleasing colour and a deliciously pronounced aroma and flavour.

Enjoy Louis-Dubois as a table cheese or serve as a melting cheese for fondues, cheese sauces, in a raclette or on pizza. Pair it with a dry Chardonnay that features spice aromas or