La Madelaine

Region: Quebec
Milk: sheep
Texture: soft

La Madelaine Sheep’s Milk Cheese is from la Fromagerie Nouvelle France. It is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk and has a soft and flowery, bloomy rind. Its farmer’s aromas are fine and delicate in the mouth with hints of hay. The cheese is ripened for four to eight weeks and it comes with 28% fat and 28% moisture. 

La Madelaine was winner of 2014 Selection Caseus for sheep milk cheese, fresh or soft paste.

The cheese maker, Marie-Chantal Houde, has combined the personality of the cheese with a woman’s name: Madelaine. It is by digging into her roots that she found Madelaine, the name of one of her ancestors, who arrived in New France in 1634.

Pairing: Prosecco, Dry Riesling, Viognier