Ontario, Canada
Milk: sheep
Texture: semi-firm

This is Back Forty’s most popular creation. Named after local Lanark Highlands, it is considered to be one of Canada’s most distinctive artisan blue cheeses.  It has been recognized and awarded with a medal at the Royal Ontario Winter Fair.  

Highland Blue wheels are tall and rustic. As a semi-firm unpasteurized sheep’s milk blue cheese, it has a dense, antique ivory-coloured paste with prominent vertical blue-green veining throughout and a mottled natural rind. This cheese is a labour of love, requiring piercing by hand 120-130 times per wheel to promote bacterial growth.

Aromas are of damp slate and sage, marjoram. The raw sheep’s milk cheese is full-flavoured, earthy and savoury with less salt and acidity than many blues. You will notice a distinct sharpness with a bit of a kick in the piquant finish. 

Traditionally, this cheese pairs perfectly with a local ice wine, Late Harvest Vidal, or Port.  For a different twist, try an Iced Cider from Quebec, with dried apricots as a garnish to bring out extra flavour pop.