Herma's Pantry Essentials

a large selection of gourmet products

These are Herma's favourite go-to items for the pantry. With this extensive collection of versatile products, your imagination will be the only limit to your culinary creativity!

Also included with the Pantry Essentials are some of Herma's favourite recipes for these products.

Eat your heart out!

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What's Inside:

The Italian classics: artisan egg pasta, 100% natural tomato sauce, risotto, tomatoes in olive oil, roasted vegetables, peeled garlic, olives, seafood, dried mushrooms, artisan salami.

These items are the basics for fabulous pastas, antipasto dishes, pizzas, etc.

The essential oils, dressings and seasonings: extra virgin olive oil (the workhorse of the kitchen), lemon oil, garlic oil, mustard, true north spices, fruit pulp vinegar, balsamic vinegar, ice wine syrup, mashed potato seasoning, hand-made granola.

These items are the ideal finish for salads, salmon, BBQ meats, and vegetables. They are also the backbone of glazes, stir-frys, pizzas, chillies, dipping sauces and marinades.