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Herma’s News – With Autmn comes change! New Merchandise and Savings

Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night. – Hal Borland

Dear Customers,

Whether you are sending your kids off to school for a new year or you are gearing up for cooler weather and fun holidays, Autumn is seen as a time of transition. At Herma’s we experience this change with a constant flow of new merchandise which is fitting for the season. Visit our store in coming days to take a look.

Herma’s NEW Arrivals

NEW Baggalliniwith autumn colors!

NEW UNO de 50, handcrafted Jewelry from Spain!

NEW Michel Design Works Body Care, Home Fragrance, Pillows, and Napkins!

Includes their Christmas Day and Christmas Spruce collection.

NEW Jellycat animals – some with books to match for great gift giving!

Savings at Herma’s

25% off Spring/Summer Pillows from Michel Design Works

50% off Summertime Crystal Confetti Glassware hand-painted.

Comes in sets of 4 including highball, shot glass, and stemless wine glasses.

The Village Kitchen Weekly Special – Starting Thursday

25% off Beef Barley Soup (WAS $8.95 NOW $6.75) and Chicken a la King (WAS $19.95 NOW $14.96)

Cheese Department

Herma’s Cheese Boutique is overflowing with fabulous cheeses. We are proud of the magnificent variety in our well stocked cheese gallery and coolers. From creamy and soft to hard and crumbly – cow, goat, or Buffalo – we have what you need to enjoy a snack, entertain with a cheeseboard, or add to your meal.

Below is a list of some of these amazing cheeses…

Charles Arnaud – NEW Pratomagno from Toniolo – Monna Lisa’s Fortescuro Salcis and Pecorino Rustico – Beppino Occelli’s al Barolo and Grappa di Moscato con Frutta – Chateau de Bourgogne – Brie de Meaux – Saint Agur – Fifth Town’s Capreggio, Buffalina, Premium Buffalo Parmesan, and Lemon Fetish – Lankaaster – Applewood Smoke Flavoured Cheddar – Carozzi’s Gorgonzola DOP – Back Forty’s Highland Bleu – Boksburg Blue – Truffalo Buffalo – Caramelized Onion Cheddar Goat – Bertozzi’s Pecorino Romano – Fiery Spice Blue – Cahill’s Porter Cheese – Mont Jacob – Beemster – Kroon’s Cumin Gouda, Gouda Aged, and Goat Cheese – Gunhill’s Five Brothers – Coombe Castle Wensleydale Cheese with Lemon and Wensleydale with Cherries

Featured Cheeses

Buffalo Bliss

Buffalo Bliss is a six week old brie cheese made with creamy 100% water buffalo milk from Hope Eco Farms.

NEW Bedda Fedda

If you like feta, you will enjoy this lovely new hand-made goat cheese from Fifth Town.

Not just cheese in the Cheese Boutique…

Also have us slice Italian meats to your liking. Meats like Chorizo, Bleu d’Elizabeth Cheese Salami, and Salami Finocchiona IOP. Find the very popular Marcona Almonds from Spain (flavours: Spicy Paprika, Fried in Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Rosemary, and Raw).

New Signature Product and Labels

Lots happening with Herma’s Signature Products lately. First, we are excited to present our new Signature Labels. We feel these labels better reflect the quality of our product. Second, Norah has created yet another delicious and very popular signature product – Norah’s Bacon Cheddar Spread. Herma says this spread is great on a hamburger, in an omelet, and spread on a cracker.

We hope you come visit us soon as there is so much that is NEW to see and enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend!


Meredith Ender

Communications Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts