Herma's News - Spring has sprung at Herma's!

Herma’s News – Spring has sprung at Herma’s!

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Dear Customers,

At Herma’s spring has sprung with all sorts of merchandise arriving whose packaging reflects the beauty of spring. Beautiful colors and florals abound throughout the store along with the sight of bunny rabbits and chocolate eggs. After all, Easter is just around the corner.

Spring has sprung!

What’s NEW at Herma’s

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Michel Design Works

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So much more than beautiful smelling soaps, lotions and home fragrances, Michel Design Works also offers cheerful  pillows, aprons, umbrellas, tea towels, paper placemats, napkins, melamine bowls and beautiful trays that exude an elegance and beauty that may be brought into your home.

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Permanent Botanical Flowers

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White geraniums may be found throughout the gift section of Herma’s which exude a fresh, spring-like quality as white contrasts with lush green. This particular rustic looking vase contains both ferns and white geraniums.

Jellycat Stuffed Animals

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Jellycat stuffed animals come in many unique varieties including the woodpecker seen above. Also at Herma’s are vegetable stuffies for babies, garden fairy dolls, bunnies with blankets, black leopards, tigers, sloths…even an ostrich and so much more.

Holdsworth Chocolate

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Easter is around the corner and we are happy to once again offer authentic, handmade British chocolate from Holdsworth which are packaged in beautiful boxes. You may also find large, stunning hollow chocolate Easter eggs that lay on a bed of assorted chocolates.

Herma’s Cheese Shop

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We are proud to offer cheese that is made as traditional and natural as possible – the kind of cheese our ancestors might have eaten thousands of years ago. This includes cheese from artisan cheeses-makers, many from Europe, who know that the best tasting cheeses are the ones that come from cows eating lush green grass and other natural vegetation like alfalfa, flowers and hay that truly effect flavor.

Janis will be in the Cheese Shop on Fridays and Saturdays to slice cheese and charcuterie and provide you with any advice and information you might find helpful. Pre-cut and packaged cheeses may be found in our coolers every day of the week.

Creel & Gambrel

Smokehouse Country Bacon

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Creel & Gambrel’s Smokehouse Country Bacon is produced using pork bellies sourced from Huron County, Ontario.

First the pork is trimmed and then dry cured by rubbing the exterior of the meat with a blend of sea salt, sugar, spices and other ingredients. It is then allowed to sit in its own juices for a period of time without the addition of water or phosphates.

Once the curing is complete, the bacon is then carefully smoked over a mixture of maple and beech chips before it is finally air dried and packaged.

Herma’s Signature Products

Margaret suggests…

Toss Herma’s Chèvre, which is made of goat cheese, olives, sundried tomatoes, herbs and spices, with Rummo’s  Penne Rigate No. 66. Makes a delicious and easy pasta dish!

We hope to see you in coming days as the joys of spring draw closer to our doors.

Stay safe and be well.


Meredith Ender

Communication Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts