Herma's News - Signs of Spring, Spring Cleaning Sale, Vintage Pizza Pies, Cheese and More

Herma's News - Signs of Spring, Spring Cleaning Sale, Vintage Pizza Pies, Cheese and More

Herma’s News – Signs of Spring, Spring Cleaning Sale, Vintage Pizza Pies, Cheese and More

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Dear Customers,

We look forward to seeing you as the beauty of spring, good food and savings await you at Herma’s this weekend.

Signs of Spring at Herma’s


While Herma and Gordon were, believe it or not, shopping for Christmas earlier this week, I was enjoying being at the store where I got my first glimpse of spring. Herma’s is filled with pretty flowers of yellow and green. I also enjoyed the occasional sighting of little bunny rabbits – a sign of hope that the actual season of spring is not too far behind.

Spring Cleaning Sale

Tea Cups and Dessert Plates

Beautiful Tea Cups, Saucers, Dessert Plates, Cake Plates and more are now 50% OFF.

Also 50% off are large beige coffee mugs with clever sayings!

24-Piece Set of Dishes

Batik Dishes (above) comes as a 24-Piece Set. Were regularly $216, they are NOW $150.

Jacqueline Kent Jewelry

Jacqueline Kent Jewelry and Accessory Pieces 50% Off

Other Discounts…

Wooden, Terracotta-Coloured Cabinet with hand-painted floral design WAS $1295 is NOW $647.

AND on a shelf near our frozen foods find at discounted prices…Origen Olives Mini Ciabatta (like crostini/cracker), Origen Raisins & Walnuts Mini Ciabatta, Waitrose Duchy Organic Oaten Biscuits, Organic Oregano Branches and Salted Fresh Pepper.

The Vintage Pizza Pie Co. – Fully stocked!

At Herma’s find…
Mushroom Parmesan (Wood Fired Mushrooms, Parmesan, Mozarella all on a Creamy Base) –
Prosciutto Honey Truffle (Prosciutto, Parmesan, Romano, Ricotta, Mozzarella Honey and Truffle Oil all on a Creamy Base)
The Carnivore (San Marzano Milled Tomatoes, Hungarian Salami, Prosciutto, Bacon, Bocconcini Mozzarella)
Classic Margherita (San Marzano Milled Tomatoes, Basil & Buffalo Mozzarella) – For extra heat consider adding NDUJA Calabrese Spreadable Salami. A little Taleggio is nice too!
Bison Love uses Bison from Thunder Ridge. Yum!

Pairing Wine with Pizza

For a reintroduction of info on wine pairings that go well with Vintage Pizza Pies go to the blog section of our website, hermas.ca or click on the link below…

The Vintage Pizza Pie Co – The perfect wine and beer pairing! – Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts (hermas.ca)

Herma’s Cheese Shop

A wonderful array of cheeses and charcuterie await you at Herma’s.

Featured Cheeses

Graskaas Gouda – This is the sweetest and creamiest of Beemster’s Goudas which is created from the first few milkings after the cows dance their way into spring pastures. Only 1000 wheels are exported from Holland each year. We feel fortunate to share it with you. Pair Graskaas with a sparkling white, crisp white or rosé. Fruit would be nice too.

Saint Angel Triple Cream – This is a French masterpiece like Chateau de Bourgogne. Underneath the fluffy, white rind lies an ivory paste that is buttery with a hint of earth and mushroom. Pair with crostini and a glass of Champagne or a crisp white wine.

Adoray – Back by popular demand is L’Adoray which has an orangey rind and an ivory-coloured, creamy paste. Strapped around it is spruce bark. It offers a lactic, woodsy aroma and slightly spicy flavour of butter, wood and straw.

Pacific Wildfire – Also back by popular demand is Pacific Wildfire from BC, which is a smoked, mild cheese combined with hot peppers. With great melting capabilities it makes for a yummy queso dip and is delicious melted over a burger. (For recipe go to the blog section of hermas.ca or click on the following link…Queso Beer Dip Recipe – Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts (hermas.ca) ).

From Sardinia…

We also carry two yummy cheeses from Sardinia just off the coast of Italy. Rocce Sarde (blend of cow and sheep’s milk cheese) and Moliterno de Central al Tartufo (sheep’s milk infused with freshly ground black truffles). We look forward to cutting into these wheels soon.


Our coolers are stocked with amazing French sausages, Chorizos, packaged Italian meats and other salami. Don’t forget that you may also have your Prosciutto, Pancetta and Porchetta Ham sliced by Janis, Margaret or Herma.

Signature Product Suggestion

Cheddar Bacon Spread

Herma’s Cheddar Bacon Spread made in Herma’s very own kitchen on a weekly basis is fabulous enjoyed with Herma’s homemade crostini. It is also delicious dolloped on a twice-baked potato or placed in an omelette.

Don’t forget! Herma’s Homemade Crostini will be made every Friday – ready for the weekend.

NEW Fruit Condiments from Belberry

Lovely at breakfast with toast or before/after dinner paired with a creamy, soft brie!

The flavours  of these condiments are a well-balanced blend between high quality fruit and fine liquors or Champagne. The sparkling sweetness of the “Strawberry & Champagne” and  the smooth almond taste of the “Apricots & Amaretto” will ravish the more subtle palates. You will also love the “Orange & Whisky” and “Apple & Calvados” for your distinguished breakfasts. – Belberry

At Herma’s find…

Strawberry & Champagne – Seville Orange & Whiskey – Raspberry & Star Anis – Morello Cherry Griottes – Figs & Black Pepper – Apple & Calvados – Apricot & Amaretto – Rhubarb & Muscat Wine – Raspberry Sauce

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Meredith Ender

Communication Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts