Herma's News - NEW ARRIVALS - Come and see!

Herma’s News – NEW ARRIVALS – Come and see!

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Dear Customers,

The search for NEW and interesting products and foods is a real joy for us – no more so than now as the constant stream of customers throughout our days has breathed new life into the store. We so love seeing you and we love offering NEW fashion and foods for your enjoyment while shopping.

NEW at Herma’s

Baggallini Purses and Tote Bags

picture by Baggallini

NEW designs available as well as everyone’s favourites. We love that Baggallini Bags are not only stylish, but  lightweight with perfectly placed pockets to stay organized as well.

NEW Bridge Sets

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Bridge Sets

Lovely bridge sets at Herma’s make fabulous gifts while also bringing unique, elegant style to your game. We carry  various floral patterns along with Van Gogh’s Irises, Klimt and dog walker designs.

Cutting Boards at Herma’s

Taco recommends…

NEW Fledge Cutting Boards from Dreamfarm


The cutting edge

picture by Dreamfarm

The award-winning Fledge Cutting Boards have unique flip up edges that prevent food from falling or rolling off the sides when being transported to a pot, bowl or table for serving. Fledge also has non-slip rubber feet on both sides and a generous juice groove for carving on the underside.

Epicurian Boards – NEW Big Game Boards

In addition to carrying an array of traditional sized Epicurian Boards which are  durable, nonporous, knife friendly, and dishwasher safe, we also carry their giant Big Game Board which come in 3 sizes and may be used for much more than chopping and slicing vegetables.

Our largest Game Board is 4 feet long and fits perfectly in the bed of a truck.

Great for tailgating, hunting or carrying food from the kitchen to the patio. And of course great for chefs at home who would like a lot of space for chopping, slicing and handling large pieces of meat. Comes with a nice handle so easy to carry.

Manoucher Nak’d Vegitarian Pizza

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picture by Manoucher

No preservatives or additives. Manoucher uses fresh ingredients just as you would when making a pizza at home minus the hassle. Find in our freezers with Manoucher’s amazing breads.

NEW Olive Oil from Spain

AOVE Hojiblanca

Fruity with hints of banana. Both sweet and slightly spicy, this intense olive oil is very nice in salads, soups, pastas and sautées. Olive growers harvest in the Spanish province of Jaén.

Cafiti’s Organic Foods from Quebec

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picture by Cafiti

Suggestions on how to use…

Sweet Bread & Butter Pickles

Made from Lebanese cucumbers, their sliced pickles perfectly accompany your raclette, charcuterie platter, and BBQ’d foods.

Spicy Pickled Cauliflowers

They perfectly accompany your salads and plates of cold cuts, adding a touch of colorful crispiness to your plate. Used in a bloody caesar, their pickled cauliflower is a great colorful alternative to the traditional celery branch.

Cafiti’s Fruit Ketchup

Created from their family recipe, the Cafiti Ketchup will remind you of your grandmother’s recipe, but with a new twist. They added currants to absorb the excess acidity of the vinegar.

Pickled Beets

Excellent in salads during summer or as an accompinement to Shepherd’s Pie and other cozy, festive foods.

Pickled Vegetables

Tasty local vegetables that are steamed, pickled and flavored smoothly. Perfect for raclette, on a charcuterie platter and paired with BBQ foods.

Salad Dressing Recipe

using liquid from Spicy Pickled Cauliflowers, Pickled Beets or Pickled Vegetables

Keep remaining liquid in jar once the vegetables have been consumed in order to make delicious salad dressing or vinaigrette! Just add 2 tablespoons of dijon mustard, add some oil of your choice and shake vigorously. Be creative with your vinaigrette or salad dressing – add garlic, herbs or any other aromatic of your choice.

NEW to Herma’s!

Apple Pies from the Big Apple in Colborne

Try their Apple Crumble Pie or take home their Traditional Apple Pie. Either way you can’t go wrong as both are amazingly fresh and delicious. Find in our freezers!

Just in! Cattle Boyz Sauces, Seasonings & Rubs

Cattle Boyz Award-Winning Original BBQ Sauce

It won over 30 awards in North America (even in the BBQ capital of Texas).

Use as a glaze, marinade, dip or condiment on just about everything.

Cattle Boyz Chipoltle Maple Bacon Sauce

The Chipolte grabs you by the shirt collar and says “I’m here”.
The Maple pat’s you on the back and says “It’s ok”,
And the Bacon just gives you a great big hug.

Also try the Cattle Boyz’ Seasonings & Rubs!

Pancetta in the Cheese Department

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Pancetta on our Meat Slicer

Pancetta is Italian dry cured pork belly. It has a deep, strong, slightly salty flavour, and is fairly fatty. Our Pancetta may be bought in round slices cut from a roll. Absolutely amazing when added to the right sort of dishes!

When to use pancetta?

Spaghetti alla Carbonara – Caesar Salad – Cream of Potato Soup – French Onion Soup –  Bucatini all’ Amatriciana – Baked Brie With Candied Pancetta, Pecans And Spicy Cranberries – Asparagus – Pasta with Panchetta, Garlic, Lemon & Olives – Chickpea Bolognese

Look for recipes of these delicious foods through posts on our Facebook page.

We hope you will visit us soon to see for yourself all that is new and exciting at Herma’s.

Have a great weekend.


All of us at Herma’s

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