Herma’s News – Just peachy! Recipe, Savings and New Arrivals

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Dear Customers,

Lots to enjoy during your next visit to Herma’s including the arrival of new merchandise, great savings, gourmet foods, and so much more.

NEW Arrivals

Jacqueline Kent Jewelry



A new shipment of Jacqueline Kent’s glamourous jewelry and scarves have arrived, including the beautiful diffuser pendant as seen above.

Jellycat Stuffed Animals

It is almost back-to-school time! What would be sweeter than for your little young man or lady to receive an adorable Jellycat stuffy on their first day of school. Find an entire line of these cuddly critters at Herma’s.

SAVINGS at Herma’s

In addition to the Summer Sale located in our Studio, we have a number of other sales taking place, of which we hope you will take advantage.

Garden Terrace Beverage Trays and Serving Dishes

Buy one, get 2nd of lesser value @ half price.

Garden Terrace Beverage Trays and Serving-ware Dish Sets include clear glass plates and glassware neatly nestled within pretty woven sea grass containers. Perfect for entertaining stylishly outdoors.

Combekk 50% off

Combekk Pots and oven mitts from Holland are now offered at 1/2 price. What’s unique and exciting about these pots is that they are made from heavy-duty, recycled train tracks. They also come with built in thermometers.

What’s more? The oven mitts are made of genuine leather.

Portmeirion’s Blue Italian and Woodland China 25% off

Both Portmeirion’s Blue Italian and Woodland Collections are very elegant. One exudes the cool, classic beauty of another era while the other’s design and colors exude the warm colors of fall. Great savings make this the perfect time to give as gifts.

In August we enjoy the simple, delicious beauty of the peach!

August is the best month to enjoy peaches. Be sure to try this delightful, late-summer treat…

Grilled Peaches Recipe

4 Servings



  1. Preheat grill to medium-high heat.
  2. Lightly oil the grill grate. Place peaches on the prepared grill, cut side down. Cook appx. 5 minutes, or until the flesh is caramelized. Turn peaches over. Brush the top sides with Balsamico Suite* or Goldie’s Balsamic Vinegar*, and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Transfer the peach halves to individual serving dishes, and drizzle with Balsamico Suite* or Goldie’s Balsamic Vinegar*. Pepper to taste and sprinkle with crumbled Blue d’Elizabeth*.

Items with * may be found at Herma’s!

Balsamico Suite

This lovely balsamic vinegar, which is aged for 12 years, is a dense, sweet balsamic vinegar recommended by Herma for the above recipe.

Goldie’s Cask 18 Balsamic Vinegar

Also recommended by Herma is Goldie’s Cask 18 whose special quality of grape-must gives this balsamic a beautiful consistency which is aged to perfection.

Cheese Department

We have so many lovely cheeses from which to choose. Below are just a few that we feel would be fabulous on a late-summer cheese board or used in your favorite recipe.

Bleu d’Elizabeth from Quebec


Bleu d’Élizabeth is an organic cheese made from the milk of both Holstein and Jersey Cows. The unique taste and perfect salt balance make it the perfect blue cheese to crumble over your grilled peaches.

Grand Trunk

Gruyere style cheese, Aged 12-18 months

What appears to be a crumbly interior is actually rich and creamy on the palate with a nice balance of salt. Grand Trunk tastes excellent in sandwiches or just on a cheese platter with fruits, dried meat and rustic bread. It is a great cheese for fondue or grilled cheese sandwiches. – Stonetown Artisan Cheese – St. Marys, Ontario

Game Changer

White Wine Cheese from Stonetown, Aged 3-5 months

Game Changer White is exceptionally creamy and is soaked in Vineland Estates Winery’s Game Changer White Wine. It tastes great on a cheese platter with fruits and nuts or just as a snack. It also melts very well, making it a special treat for raclette or grilled cheese sandwiches. Game Changer White also makes an incredible risotto. – Stonetown Artisan Cheese – St. Marys, Ontario

Brigid’s Brie

A soft surface ripened cheese made with cow’s milk that is free of preservatives. Each batch is aged six weeks and is delicately handled to preserve it’s creamy centre. Best enjoyed on it’s own or with a flavoured jelly such as red pepper jelly. – Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese – Woodstock, Ontario

Find more recipes posted on our Facebook page that call for these yummy cheeses.

Just a reminder!

One more week to enter our 25th Anniversary Name-Draw Contest! This name draw will allow you to be eligible to win a gift basket full of gourmet goodies worth $500.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones as you enjoy what remains of our glorious summer.

Best Regards,

Meredith Ender

Communications Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts