Herma's News - Herma's "Happy Easter" Message

Herma’s News – Herma’s “Happy Easter” Message


The deep roots never doubt spring will come. – UNKNOWN

Dear Customers,

Time for Easter celebrating has finally arrived and we are so excited about the prospect of helping you with your entertaining needs.

Whether we will be providing you delicious foods for your table, that necessary pot or gravy boat for food preparation and serving, bunnies for little ones, chocolate for friends, or a hostess gift for that special cook that has invited you to his or her table, we have you covered.

In the cheese department…

Cathy and Margaret

This Saturday Cathy and Margaret are looking forward to providing an array of cheese and charcuterie for you to sample. Be sure to ask them for advice on how to adorn your cheese and charcuterie platter as they are experts in their field.

Cooking with Cheese

Margaret has always been interested in showing customers how they might prepare food with cheese. Because of this, she decided to create a series of special food tastings called Cooking with Cheese (to take place one Saturday each month).

This Saturday she will be providing samples of her version of Breakfast Pizza highlighting Gruyere cheese. She feels this dish will be a special treat for overnight guests this Easter weekend. Look for recipe on Facebook in coming days.

Available this weekend only…

On Thursday be sure to look for our graved lox (or gravlax), which will be available while supply lasts. A delicious, salmon treat!

Holiday Hours…

We are pleased to announce that, for your convenience, we will be OPEN ALL WEEKEND – Thursday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday through Monday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please come and bring a friend. We look forward to seeing you.

On behalf of all of us at Herma’s, Have a Happy Easter & Passover. We wish you and your friends and family all the best as you celebrate during this special time.

Best Regards,

Herma and Harry


Entertaining with Cheese

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Complimentary Gift Wrap on gifts of $25 or more.

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Gift wrap is complimentary on all regular priced merchandise of $25 or more.