Herma's News - Emile Henry Savings, Epicentre Spices and More

Herma’s News – Emile Henry Savings, Epicentre Spices and More

Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it. – Julia Child

Dear Customers,

In celebration of Spring and the advent of Mother’s Day we are having a special on some of our favourite Emile Henry cookware, grillware and bakeware.  We feel breadmaking, grilling and using a Tagine is a wonderful way to enjoy creating delicious foods.

Consider ordering one of these lovely pots or dishes for your next curbside pick-up order. On instructions involving how to order for curbside pick-up and delivery see instructions below.

Emile Henry’s Springtime Special

Enjoy 25% off the following…

The Bread Cloche – The Baguette Baker – The Bread Loaf Baker – The Fish Grill – The Grilling Stone – Tagine

Complimentary Gift Wrap Available!!

We are happy to offer complimentary gift wrap as these dishes and pots make lovely Mother’s Day and birthday gifts.

All Emile Henry products mentioned are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, oven safe and have a 10 year warranty.

This sale will take place as long as supply lasts. No rain checks.

The Beauty of Baking Bread – Aroma, Texture and Taste

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Emile Henry Bread Cloche, Loaf Baker and Baguette Baker

We are especially fond of breadmaking right now as it fills our home with heavenly aromas and allows us to use our hands to create something delicious from scratch. Now is the time to discover the art of breadmaking.

The Bread Cloche

Regularly $199.99 NOW $150.00

You can expect crispy crusts and moist interiors that rival any bakery using the Emile Henry bread cloche, but its versatility makes this piece one you can use for roasting meats and vegetables too.

The Baguette Baker

Regularly $164.99 NOW $123.75

Your Baguette Baker allows you to make three light, crispy baguettes just like the ones you might find at a picturesque café in Paris.

The Loaf Baker

Regularly $119.99 (NOW $90) and $149.99 (NOW $112.50)

With your Bread Loaf Baker, you can make all types of homemade bread – sandwich loaf, gluten-free, rye bread – all with a crusty outside and a soft inside. Get creative. The possibility for creating different types of loaves are endless.

Grilling on the Barbecue

Now that the weather is getting warmer, we are very excited to use our barbecues. The Fish Grill and the Grill Stone make perfect tools for finding ways to be versatile and creative on the barbecue. This cookware may also be used in ovens.

The Fish Grill

Regularly 139.99 NOW $105.00

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Herma prepared salmon in Emile Henry’s Fish Grill

The Emile Henry Fish Grill allows you to cook your fish or seafood easily on the barbeque, ensuring that it remains tender while still keeping that delicate smoked flavour. Herma cooked this lovely salmon using the Fish Grill. She actually used the oven instead of the grill.

Benefits of the Fish Grill…

  • Thanks to its high sides you may marinate your fish directly on the grill. You can either cook the fish in the marinade or you can pour it off before cooking, thanks to the pouring lip.
  • The ribbed surface will make attractive marks on the food and will prevent the fish from boiling in its juice while cooking.
  • Once cooked, you can serve the Fish grill directly on the table, which will keep the contents hot throughout the meal.

The Grill Stone

Regularly $100.00 (NOW $75)

See the source image

Emile Henry Grill Stone

Your Emile Henry Grill Stone allows you to grill your kebabs and all kinds of other foods on the barbeque, even the most delicate. You may serve food directly from this dish also, which allows foods to stay hot. 

The Village Grocer’s Flattened Chicken and Emile Henry’s Grill Stone

Herma recently prepared the most divine chicken dish using the Emile Henry Grill Stone. Herma chose to use her grill stone in the oven.

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Herma prepares the Village Grocer Flattened Chicken using Emile Henry’s Grill Stone.

Exotic Cooking

And, oh, the Tagine. If cooking could be considered seductive this would be the pot to get you there. The tagine pot transports you to the spice markets of Casablanca. Let the humidity created within the tagine’s cone-shaped lid smother your tender meat with beautiful spices and aromas. You’ll be amazed!

The Tagine

Regularly $190.00 (NOW $142.50) for Electric Stove Top and Gas Use Only -and- Regularly

Regularly $224.99 (NOW $168.75) for Induction, Gas and Electric Stove Top

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Emile Henry Tagine

You can use your Emile Henry tagine to cook delicious tagines and other slow cooked recipes on the stove or in the oven.

We suggest using the Epicentre spice Moroccan Blend: Ras el Hanout when preparing food in your Tagine pot. Also take a look at a delicious lamb recipe we recently posted in Facebook.

Other savings at Herma’s…30% off Killer Pepperettes.

Herma’s Signature Products – Just created!

Herma’s Chèvre & Marinated Goat Cheese Rounds

Our shortage of staff has made it difficult for us to keep up with the demand for our Signature Products. For a time we were only offering Savoury Cheddar, Beer Cheese and Stilton Pate. We are excited to NOW offer a couple of other favourites as well.

Make sure to add one or two of these special appetizer cheeses to your next order!

Featured Ontario Food of the Week

It is important at this time to support local businesses. That is why we have decided to feature an Ontario business each week until things get back to normal.

This week’s featured Ontario Food of the week is…

The Epicentre Spice

Twenty years ago Barbara McGee and Barry Mortin of Bridgenorth, Ontario (just north of Peterborough) went to see Herma for her opinion on launching a spice company. Not long after Herma’s enthusiastic response, The Epicentre was born (épice = spice).  Herma was their first customer and has carried their products ever since. At present she carries up to 50 different spices at any given time.
The Epicentre blends only the best ingredients. As a result, there are no fillers or preservatives and they contain little or no salt. What’s more, the fresh herbs and spices they use are hand-blended in small batches. 
From an interesting twist on the ordinary, like Smoked Black Pepper to the most exotic of spices, like Grains of Paradise, The Epicentre spices are for cooks looking for quality AND adventure.
Traditional spice blends, such as African Berbere , Mid Eastern Baharat, the Moroccan Blend Ras el Hanout, French Herbes de Provence or Tunisian Harissa, are researched for historical and cultural clues to produce a high quality, authentic version of the blend.

Some of our favourites…

tins of spices
Chai Spice Baking Blend — Traditional warming spices of chai masala combine in this blend. The dominant note of cardamon, blends with clove, cinnamon and back pepper adding a touch of heat.
Chicken Love — A combination of common poultry seasonings with high quality paprikas and mild chilies create the ultimate “Roast Chicken” flavour.
Coffee Chile Steak Rub — This aromatic blend is made with a variety of spices and chiles but is predominately flavoured with Aleppo Pepper and a rich free-trade coffee roasted locally.
Fire and Brimstone — The ultimate spice rub with more than heat. Australian pepperberry, chipotle chiles, smoked paprika, black and white pepper provide the heat, balanced with ancho chiles, cinnamon, cumin, oregano and other spices. Devilishly good!
Madras Curry —  A hot and tangy South Indian curry powder, excellent for eggs or meat curries, or to add interest and colour to soups, sauces, dips and stews.
Moroccan Blend (Ras el Hanout) — This is considered the pinnacle of all spice blends. It is used in tagine cooking, or casseroles, to season lamb and chicken. Excellent on grilled lamb chops
Thai Coconut Green Curry — This is an exotic combination of spicy/sweet flavour to soups, sauces, rice, noodles, fish and chicken. Green Thai chilis and exotic spices tempered with sweet coconut powder, lime and a little brown sugar.
Veg Love — This spice enhances the naturally delicious flavour of vegetables with a nice balance of sweet from brown sugar granules, a little heat from capsaicins, salt and savoury spices.

To see a list of the more than 50 spices we carry from the Epicentre Spices…

Click on the link below or go to Lists for Easier Ordering that is in the blog section of our website.

Other Ontario Foods We Carry – Support Local Businesses

Village Grocer Foods – Saucy Dotty’s Gourmet Sauce – The Soup Girls Jarred Soup Mixes – the Epicentre Spices – David’s Condiments – The Shortbread Company Cookies – Fraktals Chocolates – Pickard’s Peanuts – Rootham’s Gourmet Preserves and Dressings – The Garlic Box Seasonings, Dressings and Preserves – Dancing Bee Honey – the Vintage Pizza Pie Co. Pizza – Lemon Lily Tea – Manoucher Bread – Great Canadian Meat Company Salami – Hurt Berry Farm Hot Sauces – Uncle Chester’s Flaming Hot Pepper Sauce – Herma’s Signature’s Products (Savoury Cheddar, Beer Cheese and Stilton Pate) – and so much more

We all stand together as a community to do our part, even if that means just staying home.

How to Shop at Herma’s


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  • Have your order request ready along with credit card payment info when you call.
  • Call a second time when you have arrived in our parking lot.
  • The drop-off may be as simple as popping your trunk to have goods placed inside.

There is no minimum purchase amount required for curbside pick-up.

Also order DELIVERY SERVICE to Cobourg and Port Hope

Deliveries are made to Port Hope and Cobourg daily between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m..

This service requires a minimum purchase of $50 or more along with added delivery fee.

Lists for Easier Ordering

We are compiling lists of what we carry from certain product lines. Because we know it may be difficult to order by phone, this link may make it easier for you to see what we have to offer. This link is also available through the blog section of our website at hermas.ca.
We hope you have a wonderful weekend and that we will hear from you in the near future.
Stay well and be strong!
All of us from Herma’s
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