Herma's News - Complimentary Gift Wrap, Rootham's and Featured Cheeses

Herma’s News – Complimentary Gift Wrap, Rootham’s and Featured Cheeses

The moment I first heard love I gave up my soul, my heart and my eyes. – Rumi

Dear Customers,

Herma’s offers so many unique features both in terms of gifts and gourmet foods. Whether it be our artfully decorated cheese platters, bountiful gift baskets or our lavishly beautiful gift wrap, we aim to offer only our very best in beauty and quality.

Wedding Gifts at Herma’s

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Beautiful gift-wrapping is available at no extra charge for non-sale items over $25. Herma’s gift-wrapping is renowned for its elegance and beauty, allowing you to give your gift with pride and joy.

Rootham Gourmet Preserves

Rootham’s, located in Puslinch, Ontario, just south of Guelph, takes great care preparing produce in small batches,  ensuring quality and consistency within each jar. What’s more, they partner with farmers in their community, sourcing as much local produce as possible.

Chipotle BBQ Roasted Prawns Recipe

The secret is in a great marinade and Rootham’s Chipotle BBQ Dipping Sauce is the perfect nominee. – Roothams

Recipe courtesy of Rootham Gourmet Preserves.


  • 25 or more Raw Prawns (Shrimp), peeled and deveined
  •  Chipotle Barbecue Dipping Sauce
  • a few lime wedges, for garnish


Place the prawns in a resealable bag and cover with Chipotle BBQ/Dipping Sauce. Squish the contents around to ensure the prawns are covered completely. Freeze, or refridgerate for use within 2 days.

When you are ready to serve the prawns preheat oven to 425F. Lay the prawns on a parchment-lined cookie sheet in a single layer. Place pan in the oven and cook for 2.5 minutes, then flip the prawns over and cook for another 4 minutes. Remove from oven and serve with lime wedges.

(Both Shrimp and Chipotle Barbecue Dipping Sauce may be found at Herma’s.)

Another Chipotle Barbecue Dipping Sauce Option?

Rootham’s Chipotle Barbecue Dipping Sauce is also delicious poured over spare ribs. Mmm…finger licking good.

Unique and Flavorful, Rootham offers only the very best!

Bring your enjoyment of food to a whole other level with a visit to Herma’s by choosing from our grand selection of Rootham Gourmet preserves, jams, spreads, sauces, condiments, antipasto, chutney and salad dressings.

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Wild Blueberry Lavender Spread  – Honey Bourbon Vanilla Peach Jam – Cantaloupe Peach Marmalade – Apple Peach Cinnamon Jam – Strawberry Jalapeno Sauce – Pesto Garlic Aioli Sandwich SpreadTeriyaki Ginger Marinade Dipping Sauce – Thai Dipping Sauce – Peach Poppyseed Salad Dressing – Raspberry Champagne Mustard Salad Dressing  – Cranberry Apple Chardonnay Chutney – Hot Habanero Olive Antipasto – Irish Style Caramel Sauce – Chocolate Supreme Sauce with Cognac – Fire Roasted Red Pepper Ketchup – Stout Coffee Ketchup – Smoked Honey Beer Mustard

And so much more we can’t mention them all!

NEW at Herma’s – Stasher Re-Usable Storage Bags

Microwave Safe – Dishwasher Safe – Fridge Friendly – Oven Strong – Sous Vide Ready

Wasteful plastic snack bags (some 20 million are tossed away every day) can be eliminated with the eco-conscious Stasher, self-sealing bags made from silicone that can be frozen or cooked in (sous vide, microwave) as well as for holding everything from fruit, veggies and pretzels to granola bars, wraps and sandwiches. – Kavita Daswani, Los Angeles Times

The Cheese Shop

Be sure to stop by Herma’s Cheese Shop for all the delectable artisan cheese, salami, ham and crackers you may need for your picnic, barbecue, or party.

Featured Cheese


by Charles Arnault from France

Named for a little farm town in France, Morbier is easily identified because of its black layer of tasteless ash which separates horizontally through the middle.


Long ago Morbier was created from left overs of Gruyere de Comte and used for personal consumption by the cheesemakers themselves. A layer of the morning milk would be separated from the evening milk with a line of ash.

These days, however, it is made with only a single milking. To keep tradition alive, ash is continued to be added as a signature line right down the middle.


Morbier is a semi-soft cheese that tastes like nuts and fruit while also carrying with it a fresh aroma of hay.

How to Serve

Lovely served all by its lonesome or as a nice addition to a beautiful cheese platter, Morbier is also great on sandwiches and melts beautifully when used in a grilled cheese sandwich.

Try pairing with Gewurztraminer or Pinot Noir.

Have a lovely weekend! We look forward to seeing you in the days to come.


Meredith Ender

Communication Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts