Herma’s News – Order Turkeys, Capons and more for Thanksgiving today!

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Order Thanksgiving foods today!


Thanksgiving Monday on October 12th is just around the corner. We are taking orders for Turkeys, Capons, Hams, Gravy, Stuffing and Cranberries from the Village Grocer.

Call 905-885-9250 or stop by to order no later than Tuesday, October 6th.

Information needed when placing order…

When you call or stop by to place an order please provide us with your name, telephone #, what you would like to order and when you will need to pick it up.


Turkey $3.99 lb – Capon $4.49 lb – Ham $19.99 Kg – Gravy 440 ml $6.50

Gravy 900ml $11.50 – Cranberries 440 ml $6.50

Turkey and Capon Size

Capons – Small = 7lbs, Medium = 9lbs, Large = 10lbs

Turkeys – Small = 15lbs, Medium = 18lbs, Large = 20lbs

We try to stay as close to the requested size as possible, but due to the farmer’s inability to guarantee, an open mind is always good to have.

Determining the size of your turkey…

As a general rule, a turkey will feed one person per pound of meat. This is a bit different with smaller turkeys, as they do not have the same “yield”. So any turkey less then 16/lb must be calculated as 1 per person per 1 ½/ lb of weight. This does not account for leftovers, which is an important consideration for many. – The Village Grocer

The Village Grocer’s Award-Winning Maple Sugar Ham

Our Maple Sugar Ham won the gold award in a ham making competition. It’s not that we’re so smart, or even innovative, it’s just our stubborn adherence to the idea of not cutting corners and taking shortcuts in the process of making our hams (or anything else we do for that matter). – The Village Grocer

Evan’s Guide to Carving the Perfect Turkey and Ham

Go to the Village Grocer website or click on the link below to see Evan demonstrate how to carve a turkey and a ham.

Evan’s Guide to Carving the Perfect Turkey and Ham!


Order Herma’s Signature Products for Thanksgiving

signature with oranges

In order to ensure that we have our Signature Products in stock for your entertaining needs, be sure to order Herma’s Signature Products in advance when placing your Thanksgiving order.

Liver Pate – Marinated Goat Cheese Rounds – Beer Cheese – Savoury Cheddar – Herma’s Chevre – Stilton Pate – Bacon & Cheddar – Sundried Tomato – Seafood Medley

Also, while shopping or ordering curbside pickup, don’t forget about all the abundance of kitchen tools and jarred, air packed veggies we carry along with the many frozen sides, potatos, soups and more that would be lovely for your Thanksgiving meal.

Have a wonderful weekend! We look forward to hearing from you.


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