Herma’s News – Birthday Dinner using Herma’s Products, Happy Birthday Harry!

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Dear Customers,

We had a wonderful birthday celebration for Harry this past weekend. Herma made everything look so easy. She placed her newest Epicurean Board, which is 4 feet long, on her patio table. I watched, amazed, as one food after another was transported from the store and turned into an elaborate feast from which guests could serve themselves.

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Beautiful Barbecued Chicken and juicy NY Sirloin Steaks from the Village Grocer were first placed on the platter. Also from the Village Grocer were Grilled Pork Tenderloins basted with Mango Garlic Dressing from the Garlic Box. So tantalizingly beautiful were the meats they made our mouths water!

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Tasty Side Dishes and Vegetables

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The sides did not pale in comparison to the meats. Baby potatos tossed in the Garlic Box’s Caesar Dressing were delicious along with Morrocan-style  Couscous, which may be found, ready-made, in our freezers.

The Marinated Mushroom Medley and Green Olives from Jesse Tree were wonderful additions to our meal, along with yummy organic Pickled Beets, Cauliflower and Bread and Butter Pickles from Cafiti which were all beautifully displayed in crystal glassware and bowls.

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Something new that none of us had tried before were Prosciutto-wrapped Carrots.

Prosciutto Wrapped Carrot Recipe

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According to Herma, she took young carrots, sliced them through the middle, drizzled a little olive oil over them and rolled a piece of prosciutto around each carrot. She then baked them on a cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. They were amazing!

Boska’s Partyclette

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We loved Taco’s suggestion of including Boska’s Partyclette to the meal. It provided us with heated onions, tomatos, cheese and pancetta. A fabulous treat poured onto steak, potatos or a slice of baguette! (See Taco’s video recently posted on Facebook for more information about the Partyclette.)

Fruit and Vegetables

The board was then garnished with a bounty of fruits and vegetables for texture and color.

This beautiful style of entertaining was certainly a big hit with all who attended as it resulted in a very special, memorable meal.

For advice on how to serve guests for your own dinner party call Herma @ 905-885-9250. She loves hosting dinner parties and would be more than happy to provide you with party planning ideas.

We wish you well as you prepare for your own dinner party AND we wish Harry a very Happy Birthday!


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