Herma's News - THIS SATURDAY...Herma and Jesse host a Celebration of Italian Foods

Herma’s News – THIS SATURDAY…Herma and Jesse host a Celebration of Italian Foods

Everything you see I owe to pasta. – Sophia Loren

Herma and Jesse

A Grand Presentation of Italian Foods

Hosted by Jesse and Herma

this Saturday, October 19th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., complimentary

Join us for a celebration of Italian foods in the Studio on Saturday as we offer samples of Italy’s greatest, most of which come directly from our large selection of Italian foods imported by Jesse Tree Importing Ltd..

What to expect? 

The cracking open of a Grana Padano

Friday at 1 p.m., Harry will be cracking open our large wheel of Grana Padano for all to see.

That afternoon the wheel will be hollowed out so that we may shape the it into the perfect pasta bowl.

On Saturday, served from that extra-special pasta bowl will be a delicious, creamy fettuccine laced with truffles.

Chef John Meyers-Sawa from Jesse Tree Imports will be preparing the fettuccine, tossed with Jesse Tree’s Organic Truffle Oil, Grey French Summer Truffle Salt and Mushroom and Truffle Sauce.

So heavenly and delicious – a culinary event you will never forget.

Other food tasting events…

Charcuterie, Crostini and Olive Spread

Murray will be sampling Prosciutto, Porchetta and various Italian Salamis. He is also in the process of creating lots and lots of yummy, crisp Crostini for all to purchase and enjoy. He will be serving them with Jesse Tree Black Olive Spread, Green Olive Spread and Pomodorini.

Herma’s Porchetta with Pretzel Buns

Herma will be serving delicious sandwiches with Luckett Vineyards Heirloom Pimientos (Red Peppers), and delicately sliced Porchetta, gently piled on lovely little Pretzel buns.

Chef Renee’s Antipasto Platter

Many of you know Herma’s daughter, Chef Renee, as she has hosted many cooking class presentations. On Saturday find Chef Renee in and around the Studio presenting her large, colourful Antipasto Platter using an array of Italian products from Jesse Tree.

Herma’s Burrata served with Citrus, Fennel and Zucchini

Get inspired as Herma offers a beautiful salad in which the luscious, round plump beauty of Burrata cheese meets the sweetness of an orange.

Fennel, Citrus and Burrata Salad Recipe


2 fennel bulbs, including fronds

2 yellow zucchinis

1 green zucchini

3 oranges (supremed with 2 tbs of reserved juice)

2 grapefruits (supremed with 2 tbs of reserved juice)

1/2 cup fresh mint (roughly chopped or torn)

1/2 cup flat-leaf parsley (roughly chopped or torn)

1/4 cup olive oil

1 clove of garlic (finely minced)

kosher salt

black pepper (freshly cracked)

1 ball of Burrata

balsamic reduction


Prepare fennel and zucchini. Trim the bottom and top of the fennel, reserving fronds for later use. Quarter the bulbs and remove most of the tough core. Using a vegetable peeler, very thinly slice the fennel and zucchinis.

Create salad. Toss shavings of fennel and zucchini, orange supreme slices, grapefruit supreme slices, mint and parsley in a large bowl. Set aside. (**Supreming is a technique that removes the membrane from citrus fruit so it may be served in clean slices.) 

Create dressing. In small bowl whisk together the reserved orange and grapefruit juices along with the oil and garlic. Season with salt and pepper. Pour dressing over salad and gently continue to toss everything together.

Use platter to serve. Neatly arrange salad on platter and place Burrata ball on top and in the middle.

Preparing Burrata. Carefully tear open the Burrata, allowing its creamy insides to ooze out just a little.

Drizzle the salad…with balsamic reduction and an extra glug of olive oil. Finish off with a bit more salt and pepper. (**Balsamic reduction is created when you let Balsamic vinegar simmer in a sauce pan until it reduces itself by half. This creates a more concentrated balsamic flavour. The longer you let the vinegar simmer, the thicker it will get. )

Note: The citrus, veggies and herbs may be prepped up to one day in advance.

In Herma’s Cheese Shop

Denise presents…Essential Italian Cheeses for Cooking

In Italy, cheeses are woven into the fabric of meals and are considered an essential ingredient. In the Cheese Shop, Denise will be presenting four of these essential cheeses for sampling – Parmigiano-Reggiano, Asiago, Grana Padano and Pecorino Romano. These cheeses will turn an ordinary Italian meal into something quite special.

Other delights may be found in the Cheese Shop as well. Cathy and Margaret will be on deck presenting other Italian foods for our Grand Presentation.

Buon Appetito!