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Herma's at Home

selection of prepared foods

Herma's at Home

A complete dinner for you to heat and serve in the comfort of your own home. It’s like having Herma in your kitchen!

Each package comes in our signature re-usable quilted thermal bag. Select your choice of items, then select a pick-up date and time, and we will have it ready for you in the store.

Call 905·885·9250 to order.


Each bag comes with:

• Appetizer (one of Herma's Signature Product spreads and crackers)

• Soup (from the Village Kitchen)

• Entrée (from the Village Kitchen)

• Side dish (from the Village Kitchen)

• Vegetable • Dessert • Beverages (tea, coffee, or soft drinks)



Ideal for:

• Care packages in times of need

• Gifts for newlyweds just starting out

• Gifts for new parents who don't have time to cook

• Gifts for new home owners when everything is still in boxes

• Celebration dinners

• Romantic evenings

• Home-cooked meals without the hassle