Our New Studio & Herma’s Letter of Thanks

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Herma’s Letter of Thanks

Our new store layout was a tremendous undertaking and I am so pleased with the results. The Studio is bigger, more beautiful, quieter, and conveniently located next to our kitchen. The Cheese Boutique is now charmingly placed in a room that allows for better flow for sampling cheese and meats along with conversing with our cheese experts.
This all began with my vision, however, it came to fruition because of my husband, Harry, who has helped me countless times to reconfigure the store and make improvements. He has worked diligently behind the scenes using his great organizational skills. I am vastly grateful to Harry for all the work, fatigue, and time he has put into making all this possible.
I would also like to thank the staff for enduring the frustration created because of the construction and to our customers who may have not known where certain products were 1/2 the time.
Also thank you to Dorothy Rimes for using your special skills in painting the store, Brian Tolland for doing the electrical work and finding time to include us within his busy schedule, and Terry Price for helping Harry during a couple of key moments.
We can now look forward to a fun year with many happy events to enjoy within our Studio.
Best wishes to all!