Hatley Road

Region: Eastern Townships, Québec
Milk: cow
Texture: firm

Hatley Road (Chemin Hattley) is made with thermized organic milk and aged for three months. This firm farmstead cheese is made by Fromagerie La Station de Compton, located in Québec's Eastern Townships. Fromagerie La Station de Compton is operated by Pierre Bolduc with his wife Carole and their sons.

The milk is drawn from Holstein cows on the organic-certified family farm. From mid-May onward, the cows are fed fresh grass in fields with a variety of plants, including white and wild clover, lotus, alfalfa, as well as grasses such as timothy and brome grass. These living crops provide the cheese with tastes that are specific to the Estrie region, which itself is strewn with steep hills, valleys and mountains.

The firm pressed semi-cooked paste is cream-coloured with a rather smooth elastic texture that features small crevices. Chemin Hatley has an orangey coloured rind and a distinct floral aroma. It has a creamy buttery texture with a moderate fruity aftertaste.

Hatley Road is named after the road that stagecoaches used to take when travelling from Québec to Boston. Today, the farm and the cheese shop are located along this road.

Chemin Hatley pairs well with a fresh aromatic white wine from Bordeaux.