Gunn’s Hill Cheeses

Region: Oxford County, Ontario
Milk: Cow
Texture: soft, semi-hard and hard

Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese is a small artisan cheese plant nestled within the rolling hills of Oxford County, Ontario. The owner is Shep Ysselstein who grew up on his family’s dairy farm. He mastered his technique for cheese-making in Switzerland where he fell in love with the art. Consequentially, Shep’s cheese is a Swiss-style cheese and the milk used to create this delicious cheese comes from his family’s dairy farm nearby.

Gunn’s Hill Soft:

This is a washed rind cow’s milk cheese that is modeled after a little known Swiss cheese called Mutchli. It is a mild creamy cheese, developing its lightly lactic and buttery flavours after only four weeks of aging. Excellent for serving on its own, but also has wonderful melting qualities.

Gunn’s Hill Semi-Hard:

This is a washed rind cow’s milk cheese that combines traits from Gouda and another Swiss variety called Appenzeller. The mild version is available after two months, the medium after 5 months and in the future we will offer a semi-hard aged over 12 months. It has creamy and rich flavours with sweeter overtones and distinctive eyes throughout the body of the cheese.

Gunn’s Hill Hard:

This is a washed rind cow’s milk that is produced using the same methods as a typical Swiss mountain style cheese. Currently it is only available at 5 months old but in time there will be an aged version at one year and extra aged at 2 – 3 years. It is a drier cheese with very rich and complex flavours and nutty overtones.