Gigha Fruit Cheese

Region: The Scottish Hebrides
Milk: cow
Texture: semi-soft

The “Gigha” Fruits, by Inverloch Cheese are hand-made fruit-shaped cheese, waxed on the outside, to protect the delicious club cheddar on the inside. They hail from the beautiful Island of Gigha (Gee-yah) off the coast of Kintyre in the Scottish Hebrides. The careful blend of prime quality mature Scottish Cheddar with cream cheese and various flavourings deliver wonderful taste sensations.

Each variant is shaped as either an apple, a pear ,or an orange, and wax coated in an appropriate colour. From their website:

The green apple is the “original blend of cheddar and cream cheese it’s full of rich, full, smooth and creamy cheese flavour from first to last.”

The red apple is “Our superior cheese blend melded with garlic . You won’t be disappointed – it’s desperately more-ish. “

The maroon apple: “Highland Liqueur is our own recipe blend of Islay malt Whisky and brandy mixed in just the right amounts to complement the cheese. A favourite with the gentleman (and more than a few of the ladies!) “

The yellow apple: “Chives another traditional choice and a longstanding favourite but we doubt you’ll ever have had as good as this.”

The orange :”This blend includes orange liqueur and a few drops of orange oil which gives a totally unique flavour. Indulge yourself!”

The pear: “This is one of the most popular in the range, initially for it’s visual appeal but subsequently for the taste sensation its Schnapps and pear oil lend to the cheddar and cream cheese.