Quality olive oil makes a difference. Find out why.

Herma’s Fine Foods has a great number of quality oils from which to choose.

 Your Purpose
Whether you are using it in a salad dressing, topping off a soup, using it as a garnish, or with bread, olive oil should compliment the food you are serving and enrich your culinary creations with complexity. Olive oil must have flavour – ripe, creamy, evolving, and complex. In reference to what you are eating, it is important to choose an olive oil that will compliment; example: Veggies – light, fruity olive oil, Steak – strong, fruity olive oil


Extra Virgin – The way to go! Spain and Italy are right on the money.
Extra virgin should be the olive oil of choice because it is pressed with little or no chemicals. The heat and chemicals used to help wring the olives of more oil is effective with lower grade olive oil, but the coaxing ingredients required to achieve this degrade the final product, robbing it of flavour and making it less healthy. Italy and Spain have more stringent rules concerning the process of making olive oil, so it is recommended that buying olive oil produced in these countries will ensure that the pure process of creating quality olive oil is adhered to.


Expensive Better?
High price and high quality are directly related concerning the process of creating olive oil. Producing oil from olives is expensive. Cost of olive oil can range from $12 to $100’s and this depends on the ripeness of the olives, when they were picked and pressed, the types of olives, and where the olives were grown.

Always gently cook food in your quality olive oil to bring out the oil’s flavor. Buy inexpensive extra virgin for hot cooking and a special, more expensive bottle for cool to warm dishes that require the extra complexity of a fine oil.


How to Buy and Store Olive Oil 
Assess how much olive oil you will use during a certain time period. Olive oil does go bad (tale, tale sign – rancid odour). It is better to buy in small quantities if you don’t use your olive oil daily.

Consider buying a young olive oil. Younger olive oils have a stronger flavor and may last longer on the shelf.

Buy olive oil in dark or opaque containers (or store in a dark place) and keep away from heat. Some experts go so far as saying that you must keep the bottle away from the stove.


Uses of Olive Oil

pasta dishes – mixing with garlic, chili peppers as a sauce – minestrone soup – drizzling over potato, pizza, or veggies – blend with balsamic vinegar as a salad dressing – garnish white bean soup, carrot-ginger soup or the like – with bread for dipping – even with ice cream


Heart Healthy
lowers cholesterol levels – contains mono-saturated fat that reduces the risk of heart disease – contains polyphenols and antioxidants that promote heart health

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