Margo Silver on Risotto

Margo Silver talks about risotto and we drop in on her risotto cooking class held in Herma’s studio.

Acquerello is the Carnaroli rice cultivated, refined and manufactured in Italy by the Rondolino family.  The cans have photograph of the landscape where it is produced in the county of Vercelli in the Piedmont region.

Acquerello2It is a unique rice for three reasons:

1. It is the first Italian aged rice.

The rice, right after the harvest, still in its shell, is stored in silos properly refrigerated for at least one year. With this procedure the starch in the grain gets mature, improving their organoleptic characteristics becoming more able to absorb spices, maintaining their ‘al dente’ texture.

2. It is refined very gently.

Only intact grains are able to have a uniform cooking. Acquerello is refined with a slow and delicate old machine invented in 1875 called a helix, which was later abandoned by the big industry for its high production cost. It is a machine that preserves the integrity of the grains, resulting in a delicate and gradual refinement.

3. It is white rice with the main nutritional values of the brown rice.

The grain of rice contains the germ, which is the part that gives rise to a new plant and it is where is concentrated the main nutritional values of the whole grain. It is located in the tooth of the grain in the first whitening stage, gets detached and lost. Before being packed, the white grain of Acquerello is reunited with its own germ, for its characteristics of high fat and softness, the germ melts and covers the outside of the grains.

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