Manoucher Bread

Manoucher Etminan has been creating artisan bread from his original Manoucher bakery in Toronto for over 25 years. Each loaf is created from a recipe developed by it’s creator and is dressed by hand using the finest all-natural ingredients (no preservatives).

Thanks to his flash-freezing process, which takes place from the moment the bread leaves the oven, Manoucher is able to ensure 100% freshness. When you purchase Manoucher Bread and you heat it up (as directed on packaging), you will taste the warm, fresh artisan bread as if it came straight from the bakery.

These breads have a three-day shelf-life and may be saved in the freezer for 11 months. We at Herma’s are proud to provide you with Manoucher’s artisan bread.

“Bread is not just a part of life. Bread is life itself.” – Manoucher Etminan

Manoucher Bread at Herma’s

  • Manoucher Fokachio
  • Manoucher Baguette
  • Manoucher Mediterranean Sunset
  • Manoucher Fokachio Romana
  • Manoucher Basil
  • Manoucher 8″ Crust
  • Manoucher Javaneh Loaf



“I have seen Herma whip up some wonderful creations with Manoucher bread, particularly from the round Fokachio Romana and the 8? Crust. Even the simplest of dressings like olive oil and a type of good-quality melting cheese make for a delicious treat. Of course the Baguette is fabulous all by itself.” – Meredith, Herma’s daughter-in-law

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