Global Knives, Decanter, Balsamic Vinegars

One of the products we most prize at Herma’s are Global Knives which are used by professional chefs and are scientifically weighted to balance perfectly in the hand. The Global Knife Holder and Magnetic Wall Mount are perfect for storing your knives.L’Grand Conundrum Aerator Decanter ($29.99-39.99) would make a wonderful gift for a wine connoisseur. The decanter has curves that strategically cause the wine to travel down and over them, allowing for aeration and oxidation. There are also Conundrum Glasses (set of 4, $30) specifically designed for both red wine and white wine. They have curves similar to the decanter.

Keep in mind that Herma’s also carries over 100 Balsamic Vinegars and Olive Oils. Those pictured are RE Castelli ($60), Bellanigo Noble ($70), and Colli Dauni from Greece.

Please note that prices are subject to change and availability of some items may be limited.

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