5 Things to Know About Your Lampe Berger

1. Can you leave the Lampe Berger on all the time?

No, it is not intended for that. Its period of use is a maximum of one minute per cubic metre, in other words 20 minutes’ use in a 20sqm (51.60ft2) room.

2. In which rooms can a Lampe Berger be used?

Anywhere: living room, lounge, bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, corridor, entrance. The atmosphere that you will create will vary according to the choice of fragrance and room.

3. Can you mix Lampe Berger fragrances?

No, mixing fragrances can cause chemical reactions with possible formation of substances considered as indoor pollutants, in the liquid or at the instant of diffusion. The variety of the product range means you do not have to do your own mixing.

4. How do you change the fragrance?

The ideal way is to have several lamps and to use a different fragrance in each one alternatively. Simply light the burner with So Neutral for 30 minutes before switching to a different home fragrance.

5. How long will a Lampe Berger burner last?

Lampe Berger recommends replacing the burner after 140 hours of diffusion or the equivalent of 7 bottles of 500ml fragrance or 1 year of intense use. It is not going to be used for a lengthy period of time (away on holidays for example), remember to remove your burner from the lamp

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