Eisch Glassware

Breathable Glass™ crystal stemware from Eisch are crafted of lead-free crystal and undergo a unique oxygenization treatment that strongly accelerates the reaction of the wine with atmospheric oxygen. In only two to four minutes - instead of one to two hours spent in a decanter - the glasses allow the individual aroma and bouquet of your vintage to fully develop. The original character and structure of the wine are preserved, yet the wines aroma and palate impression become more open and generous. Wine poured into an Eisch ‘Sensis-Plus’ wine glass becomes; smoother, rounded, more harmonious, more complex, better integrated and more balanced in just a few minutes. And with their simple design, they make an aesthetic addition to your table.

If you think it sounds like hocus-pocus worthy of Penn & Teller, you can be forgiven. But consider this: eager customers include the French Laundry restaurant in California's Napa Valley, the Sheraton hotel in San Francisco, the illustrious Hotel Hassler in Rome and the Westin hotel in Beijing.

Oxygen's influence on wine is well known. Once exposed, the wine behaves like any other fruit stripped of its protective skin. Eventually, it bruises like a sliced apple, but along the way its flavour evolves in sometimes wondrous ways. Aerating most wines is almost like adding salt to soup or tenderizing a tough cut of meat. That's the reason many wine experts prefer to decant young wines in particular - because they tend to contain more tannins. Even fuller-bodied whites, however, can benefit from a little aeration.

Machine made in Germany, each glass is produced as a one piece glass. They are ‘Lead-Free Crystal’ with the pulled stem technology for added strength. The process is not a coating or a chemical treatment; so the effect will not wash or wear off. 

With the Eisch ‘Sensis-Plus’ wine glass you can dive even deeper into the world of flavours of wine - and also into each wines own story. From fruit driven and mineral notes to the spicy layers of oak and subtle vintage, vineyard nuances and winemaking choices will be shown. Each Eisch ‘Sensis-Plus’ wine glass has a sticker on the wine glass as well as the Eisch ‘Sensis-Plus’ Logo™ etched on the base for authenticity.