Region: Ireland
Milk: Cow
Texture: Firm

Dubliner cheese is a delicious taste of Ireland. This unique cheese is a favourite of the Irish and has gained popularity worldwide for its interesting blend of flavors.

Dubliner cheese is an Irish recipe developed by John Lucey. The details of the secret recipe are held by Carbery, the manufacturer. Dubliner cheese is sold under the Kerrygold brand name. Though it is made in County Cork, Ireland, the cheese takes its name from the enchanting city of Dublin. This cheese was first launched in 1996.

Dubliner cheese is robust and tangy with a hint of sweetness. It is often compared to cheddar, though the flavor of Dubliner is very unique and seems to present hints of Swiss and Parmesan as well. Dubliner cheese is a very pale white-yellow in color. It is a firm and slightly dry cow’s milk cheese. It frequently contains calcium lactate crystals. These occur naturally in the cheese-making process and are an excellent source of calcium.

Dubliner is a specialty cheese best served at room temperature. On cheese platters, it goes well with grapes, apples and pears. The sharp flavor of the cheese complements red wines well. This Irish favorite is also well-paired with a brimming pint of Guinness. Cooks enjoy using Dubliner in toasted cheese sandwiches and omelets. It also makes an excellent grated topping on pasta.

Though the classic Dubliner cheese is the variation most commonly referred to, Carbery has developed some additional types of Dubliner. Vintage Dubliner cheese is matured for 2 years, as opposed to the 12 months that classic Dubliner is aged for. As well, there are now both white and red variations of Dubliner cheese on the market.

The cheese can be eaten alone, on cheese trays, paired with wines and beers, grilled on sandwiches, or grated on pasta. It is also used in some Irish recipes for tarts and can substitute for Parmesan cheese as well. Considered a gourmet, yet simple, cheese, Dubliner is best when served at room temperature. A serving of 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of Dubliner cheese contains 390 calories, 32 grams of fat, and 0.2 grams of carbohydrates. Cheese is also a good source of protein and calcium, which aids in teeth and bone health.