De Buyer Pots & Pans

pots and pans
Based in the Vosges, France, De Buyer designs and manufactures pots, pans and cooking utensils for restaurant trades and top-of-the-range gastronomy. They have has been committed to the culinary arts, professional users, domestics and lovers of fine cuisine for almost two centuries. De Buyer’s expertise and excellence has been rewarded with an EPV (Living Heritage Company) label, a distinction awarded by the French government.

French Collection

The French Collection uses an innovative ultra conductive single-piece multi-layer material on the sides and bottom. It heats up quickly, thereby preserving vitamins, evencooking and providing a perfect heating circuit. The stainless steel French Collection handles are firmly fastened with rivets.  An allusion to the Eiffel Tower, the riveting on the French Collection handles is identical to the assembly technique used on the Iron Lady, ensuring a sturdy design. The elegant and original design is perfect for buffets and table presentation.


Resolutely vintage-looking  and hinting at childhood memories, the patinated finish of the Nostalgy range confers it refinement and elegance.

Its resistant stainless steel composition facilitates the use and the maintenance. Its wide magnetic bottom spreads the heat in a quite even way on the whole bottom of the item, and makes cooking easy on all heat sources, induction included.

The flared edges provide easy pouring of liquids. The comfortable and ergonomic fittings; aFrench-style bent handle , the hasp and wide grips are all solidly riveted to the body.

The French-style curved grips keeps the hand away from the heat source.


The Choc EXTREME is the reinvention of the non-stick fry pan featuring a new generation coating. These pans have an extra hard non-stick coating for unbeatable shock, abrasion and scratch resistance, providing an even longer service life.

Made with thick cast aluminium for a uniform and even cooking process, this fry pan combines looks with the ideal non-stick performance, for healthy and light cooking without adding any fats. Guaranteed PFOA-free, the Choc EXTREME fry pan is ideal for slow cooking, heating up and cooking delicate food on any cook top, including induction, through its magnetic base.