Cuisipro Kitchen Tools


This collection of kitchen tools offers more innovation and function in the kitchen. Ergonomic handles provide a secure grip of textured nylon; our tools are comfortable to hold and easy to use, regardless of the food’s shape and size. Since our tools have been designed for a specific task, they offer optimal precision and performance. Each quality Cuisipro® tool has been designed, first and foremost, to consider function for the cooks who use them.

Countertop Garlic Press

This unique garlic press has a non-slip base so it can be used on the countertop or held in the hand.

• Easily use with one hand on the countertop and hand-held.
• Garlic is quickly pushed through the large hopper.
• Garlic is caught by a removable spoon built directly into the base.
• Spoon holds up to 1Tbsp/15 ml.
• Spoon easily transfers garlic to bowl or pan.
• End of spoon can be used to scrape remaining garlic in press.
• Wide non-slip base.
• Non-stick finish.
• Dishwasher safe..


Cooking utensils are some of the most important tools for cooking. Cuisipro Cooking Utensils offer style, durability and unique features not found in other utensils. Our Temp Tools collection is sleek and elegant. With a mirrored stainless steel finish, our superior quality Tempo Tools spoons, ladles and tumers will make cooking a pure pleasure. Our Fiberglass Tools are reinforced with 13% added fiberglass for increased strength and heat resistance over traditional 100% nylon tools. With a non-slip tip to prevent slipping into pots and on countertops, our Fiberglass Tools offer home cooks commercial kitchen quality.

Silicone Spoons and Spatulas

Every kitchen should have a beautiful silicone spoons and spatulas. Cuisipro silicone spoons and spatulas are ideal for stovetop use and will not scratch non-stick cookware.


The Cuisipro collection of wisks offers a unique combination of innovation, quality and timeless design. Classic Stainless Steel Wisks & Bamboo whisks continue to be as practical as they are elegant. The Cuisipro line of Silicon-wrapped wire whisks are scratch -resistant and come in a variety of playful designer colors.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

What kitchen is complete without the perfect measuring utensils? All our measuring cups and spoons are precision manufactured and beautifully crafted. You’ll appreciate the speed and accuracy these measuring utensils bring to the measuring. The ultimate measuring utensils.

Liquid Measuring Cup

As the liquid is poured, easily read volume from above rather than the side. No need to bend, stoop or hold the cup up to eye level. A removable frosted clip slides onto the measuring cup and can be set for either US or metric measurements. Use the visual red marker to set desired measurement level. Easy-to-read numbers are readable from the inside and the outside. Baking Tools

Stay Cool Rolling Pin

Perfect for buttery pastry or dough. Just add water. The rolling pin’s cool surface keeps dough cool, making it easier and more efficient to roll than with traditional models, the cool surface of smooth stainless steel pin prevents sticking. Cold tap water reduces the surface temperature by 20°F/11°C. The surface stays cool for several hours without condensation. The added weight from water means less effort and smooth rolling. Plastic handles are ergonomically shaped so they are easy to hold.

Deluxe Pasty Blender

This commercial-quality pastry blender combines six sturdy blades and an oversized handle for superior performance when blending butter and shortening into dry ingredients. Silicone Pastry Brush This versatile tool is a brush and baster in one. The handle holds a variety of sauces and unique flat bristles provide better control and even coverage when basting.

Deluxe Batter Bowl

Durable, versatile bowl is a measuring cup, mixing bowl or pitcher. Perfect to prepare and pour pancakes, muffins and cake batter. A notched non-slip base allows the bowl to be tilted forward for comfort, leverage and stability. Soft, non-slip grip covers handle, base and extends up front for easy holding and pouring. Oversized loop handle provides a secure grip and comfortable hold. Quick-read measurements.

Snap-Fit Cookie Cutters

Take your baking to the next level and impress everyone with spectacular shapes and fanciful designs. The nested Cookie Cutters create perfect cookies in a variety of sizes and shapes. Decorating Pen Great fun for everyone and simple enough for a child to handle. The Decorating Pen quickly and easily dresses up desserts, pastries, beverages and plates with decorative swirls or messages for professional results.

Cupcake Corer and Decorating Set

Everything you need to create and decorate the perfect filled cupcakes. The set includes the exclusive Cuisipro Cupcake Corer, 2 decorating squeeze bottles with tips and an offset spatula. The Cupcake Corer creates a perfect hole in the center of the cupcake for filling with icing or hiding edible treasures. Easy grip squeeze bottles are simple for small hands to fill and decorate cupcakes. Flower collar is the perfect hold spot. Easy to fill and large capacity (approximately 1 cup (250 ml)). Round tip for writing and drawing patterns. Floral tip for designs and filling.The flexible offset spatula provides exceptional control and makes smooth spreading of frosting or icings. Roasting Tools

Roast and Serve Rack

With one motion easily transport meat from roasting pan to serving tray. Transport meat from roasting pan to serving platter or cutting board with one motion, no awkward lifters. It has large handles for easy lifting with oven mitts. Holds up to a 25 lb/11 kg bird or roast. Folds for easy storage. Dual Baster An innovative baster with two interchangeable heads. A one-of-a-kind shower head will baste sauce evenly with one simple squeeze — liquid gently flows to prevent scalding splatters. The injector head injects flavour, such as sauces, marinades or butter. Oversized-bulb easy to grip. Clear window with measurements.

Fat Separator

Create clear, healthier gravy and sauces with this unique kitchen tool. Heat-resistant strainer catches unwanted food particles. Unique plug blocks fat out of the spout until fat and gravy are separated. Once separated the lid can be snapped up to unplug the spout and release lean gravy.


Compact Herb Keeper

Cuisipro Herb Keeper s unique suspended tray system makes it easy to store and access herbs. The Herb Keeper, available in 2 sizes is perfect when you wish to enjoy flavourful meals with the addition of fresh herbs. The tray rests on interior supports for easy access to herbs. The suspended tray holds herb bunches together to easily access required amount of herbs. For all types of herbs and also asparagus. Stems are immersed in water for freshness and hydration that extends beyond refrigeration alone. Conveniently fits in most refrigerator doors.

Flexible Brush

Flexible brush neck extends to easily maneuver tough-to-reach areas. Perfect for long narrow spaces, such as wine decanters, pitchers and vases. Twist to easily extend handle. The extended 13.5 brush reaches around corners and into deep containers. Without the spring extended it is perfect for tall glasses, bottles and muffin tins. The brush head is easily replaceable and replacement soft & firm brush heads are available. It simply screws on and off.