Crossroads Sheep Gouda

Region: Ontario
Milk: sheep
Texture: firm

This gouda is made in Dutch tradition with a wax coating and aged for six to eight months until it's delicate flavours develop. In 2012, farmers Brad Lunn and Dan McMillen had an excess of sheep milk on their hands and no one to buy it. “We were at a crossroads in our farming career,” says McMillen, which is when they decided to turn their milk into cheese and Crossroad Farms Sheep Gouda was born.

An eight-month-old wheel speaks of good milk and good cheese making with creamy, fruity notes that develop in complexity, evolving from an approachable combination of buttery sweetness and slight tang into deeper smoky, nutty notes. With no cheese-making experience, McMillen enlisted the expertise of Gunn’s Hill sheep maker Shep Ysselstein to create this mellow and sweet Gouda-style cheese.

Pasteurized sheep milk with a washed rind.