Chateau du Bourgogne

Region: Burgundy, France
Milk: Cow, Pasteurized
Texture: Soft with a whet, bloomy rind

The wonderful Chateau du Bourgogne is made in in the classic Normandy tradition of triple crèmes made in Burgundy. To make it one takes a perfectly good brie, and then adds tons of cream to it, bringing the total fat content up to 75%.

It has a bloomy rind and is described as a “voluptuous” cheese. I am sure those who eat it regularly might be also described by that word. It is quite tall for a brie ,with a cake-like shape.  The rind is appropriately bloomy white and the paste a pale buttery white.  The texture is rich and creamy while also being lighter and fluffier than in many cheeses of the style. The smell is quite mild and sweet, nothing offensive here in the least. The flavour is light, fresh, and with mushroom and earthy notes. It is creamy and rich, melting in your mouth.The slightly bitter rind acts as an excellent balance to the creamy interior.

The richness of Chateau Bourgogne is set off and balanced wonderfully by champagne, but it will match well with a red burgundy (local matches are always good), other pinot noirs, or a red bordeaux.