Regardless of the occasion, these elegantly designed, genuine Bohemian crystal pieces are sure to make a good impression. Each glass is made from the finest quality lead-free crystal in the Czech Republic.

There are several advantages to crystal that make it appealing to the decorative high-end market. Due to the lead in the glass, the working temperature of the glass is lower allowing for a greater ability to shape the crystal glass into all sorts of decorative forms. This workability allows for crystal glass to be formed into thinner and more delicate shapes. Finally, the most important aspect of crystal glass is the refraction index and clarity. Crystal, unlike glass, will fragment light beams into a rainbow of colours sparking through the facets. Crystal also has a higher clarity than most forms of glass, allowing more light through to augment the faceting effects.

 This Swan decanter combines the exclusivity of Bohemian crystal, handmade precision manufacturing, and an original design. The inspiration for this design was the elegance of the Swan. The Swan decanter will enchant you with its lightness and fine finish and its unique shape actually bring out the best in every wine. 

Herma’s  offers a large catalogue of Bohemia crystal products ranging from perfume bottles to bar and stemware, platters, serving ware, decanters, and vases. Be sure to ask Taco to go over the many options available.