Bleu d’Elizabeth

Region: Eastern Townships, Quebec
Milk: Cow’s, thermalized, farmstead
Texture: Semi-firm, blue, natural rind

A delicious homage to the Eastern Townships’ hamlet of Ste. Elizabeth de Warwick (Quebec). Produced by Le Fromagerie de Presbytere from raw, organic milk from both (Holstein) and Jersey cows. The cows feed on dry hay but are also pastured on clover, timothy grass, bluegrass and other organic grains. It is a very splendid farmhouse cheese and will win over folks who tend to dislike bleu’s.

Blue lovers will embrace the pungent and earthy aroma with its sweet notes of damp hay and fresh earth. Its thin, natural rind is a warm orchre-colour with craggy streaks of grey/white mould while its organic milk paste is a soft, pale yellow with lovely blue veins, sometimes with a tinge of green due to the presence of Penicillium Roqueforti (what makes a blue cheese turn blue).  The cheese is aged two to three months which produces a milder blue although some is held back and aged for 12 months for those who like a stronger blue kick.

Bleu d’Elizabeth  has a balanced salty taste with a hint of caramel sweetness on the tongue. Bleu D’Élizabeth is rich in flavour, with a hint of sweetness and spice, without being overbearingly salty.  Try this hearty blue on your cheese board, either shining on its own, or playing a starring role as your dessert plate, joined by your favourite local ice wine, iced cider or port.