Beppino Occelli’s Losa di vacca

Region: Farigliano, Piedmonte, Italy
Milk: Raw cow’s milk
Texture: Soft

Semi-aged cheeses are those that reach their ideal maturation after a couple of months. These cheeses, generally made from raw milk, like Losa or Toma del Monte Regale, are aged in the village of Valcasotto where Beppino Occelli has recovered and restored several historic buildings and cellars. This is where his affineurs control, turn and massage the cheeses everyday until they are perfectly mature.

A cheese made from raw cow’s milk. It comes in a low square form with the shape of a knot impressed by the cloth in which the curd is wrapped. It has a soft and pliable consistency and a milky-buttery flavour. The ideal accompaniment for this cheese is a white or young red wine.