Beppino Occelli’s – Losa di Capra

Region: Farigliano, Piedmonte, Italy
Milk: Raw goat and cow’s milk
Texture: Soft

One man—salt and pepper hair crowning an intense face with deep-set eyes and a high forehead—is behind the Losa di Capra. Beppino Occelli, an Italian cheesemaking legend whose butter and cheeses have won more awards than anyone can reasonably count, came up with an original recipe that blends raw goat and cow’s milk.

It comes in a low square form with the shape of a knot impressed by the cloth in which the curd is wrapped. He named it losa because it looks like the “losa” stone slates used to roof chalets across Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta.

Its consistency is soft and pliable, its flavour milky – buttery. It is a very compact yet silky cheese, mild at first approach but with a herby sharpness at the end that speaks of the mountain where it is made. This beautifully ugly goats cheese is as mild as its surface suggests astringancy and pugnancy. Slice it as thinly as possible. Beppino Occelli recommends this cheese for the preparation of fillings and fondues or serve it with aromatic honey, and a glass of medium-bodied red.