Beppino Occelli’s al Barola

: Farigliano, Piedmonte, Italy
Milk: Raw cow’s milk
Texture: Soft

Beppino Occelli's best cheeses are in La gran rierva collection. They are aged for a long time in the Valcasotto cellars, they are refined and enriched with Barolo Docg. "Old" cheeses for "new"flavours, born from the quest for intense flavours that combine well with the prized Langa wines.

Their unique characteristics are what make them the Grand Cheeses of Beppino Occelli. Ocelli al Barolo is produced from cow's  milk . It is aged for at least five months in the Valcasotto cellars and has a hard consistency. It is then refined for two more months in Langa vineyards where it is enriched with Barolo wine.