Beemster X-O Gouda

Region: Holland
Mik: Pasteurized cow’s milk
Texture: Firm

Beemster cows graze only on pesticide-free pastures which are located 20ft below sea level in North Holland. The rare blue sea clay of these pastures contains special minerals that give the milk a sweeter and softer milk fat. Hence Beemster cheeses have softer and creamier texture than other Dutch cheeses.

Beemster X-O- is matured for 26 months making it Beemster’s oldest cheese. As a cheese matures the flavours one tastes in the cheese expands. As this process happens moisture also exits the cheese, thus leaving the cheese tasting crumbly and granular in one’s mouth. Beemster X-O- is revered by cheese connoisseurs for its amazing deep tastes of butterscotch, whiskey and pecan. Inside, the paste is hard and the color of pumpkin, dotted with the tiny white flecks that indicate the presence of protein crystals. Because of Beemster’s unique milk, X-O- is able to obtain one of the widest flavour ranges possible in only 26 months and still retains its smooth and creamy taste.

Beemster X-O- is wonderful with port wines, as well as sweet whites, such as a Riesling. X-O- can also be grated and used as a wonderful alternative to Parmesan for pastas.