14 Arpents 

Region: St. Gedeon, Quebec
Milk: cow
Texture: semi-soft

Quebec’s 14 Arpents is considered a farmstead cheese (it’s made from the farm’s own milk). It is  made from the pasteurized whole milk of the Côté family’s herd of Brown Swiss cows. Fromagerie Médard is located in St. Gedeon, about two hours north of Quebec City. The cheese is named after the road that borders the cheese dairy, Le Chemin 14 Arpents (14 Acres).

14 Arpents is made in square moulds. Its pale-copper rind encloses a semi-soft, buttercup-yellow paste that smells of fresh milk. There is a slight barny note from the washed-rind, but this cheese is overwhelmingly smooth and creamy, tasting of hazelnuts with scrumptious tang and saltiness. 

Its rich texture and delicate flavours will appeal to timid palates and cheese aficionados alike. It’s also a great stand-by in the cheese drawer; slice it up with a fresh baguette or a few grapes – be it for brunch or after dinner. Try pairing it with a Chardonnay.