1000 Days Aged Gouda

This is a cow’s milk cheese. The cheese is formed into 20 pound wheels. The attraction, and uniqueness, of this cheese is obvious … 1,000 days of aging. The cheese spends 2.7 years maturing on untreated wooden shelves. During aging it loses 25% of it’s original weight as moisture leaves and the flavour builds.

This is a semi-hard cheese although not quite as firm as Parmesan Reggiano. The cheese has a nutty, sweet, salty, caramel flavour, almost a hint of bourbon. It is loaded with flavour but it is not overwhelming. There are tiny crunchy protein crystals in this cheese that provide a very pleasant and interesting texture.

I would suggest pairing 1,000 Days Aged Gouda with fruit such as grapes or apples. This Gouda is good.