Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars – Make great gifts!

We believe a beautiful bottle of olive oil or a nice bottle of balsamic make the perfect hostess gifts. At Herma’s we have a large variety from which to choose. Some bottles may be placed in little bags just like that which often holds a bottle of wine. Others are boxed for beautiful presentation. Some are even boxed collections of assorted oils that would make fabulous gifts for that foodie in your life.

Hojiblanca Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Spanish oil pictured above stands out for its complex fruit flavours and seductive light sweetness. Enjoy its fresh aromas of cut grass which will pique the senses.

Use this variety with red meats, fish and vegetables. We particularly recommend that you try it fresh with tapas and side dishes to add personality to the food.

What’s more? This organic olive oil is high in Vitamin E and balanced in oleic acid and antioxidants.

Frantoio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A playful floral olive oil from Spain with the added complexity of citrus aromas, green grass and banana. It is both light and expansive on the palate with gently rising spice levels and an almost tropical touch.

We recommend using this variety with salads, tapas and side dishes.

Rafaelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Enjoy this olive oil’s balanced flavour with the right mix of sweetness and strength. The aroma is intense and fruity.  The clean, rounded flavour is interesting to all areas of the palate, leaving a pleasant spicy aftertaste.

Use this oil with meat and green vegetables, also with fish.

Gran Deposito Giuseppe Giusti Modena

The Giusti family has been producing balsamic since the 17th century.

This special edition bottle of Balsamic is dedicated to the local and ongoing custom of bottling small quantities from the family’s production. As tradition goes, these small glass bottles of sweet, delicate and considerably dense condiments are completed by hand, sealed with rope and red wax.

Use this balsamic with risotto, fresh pasta, vegetable soups, eggs, fresh and matured cheeses, white and red meats, fresh fruit salad and desserts

Giuseppe Giusti Modena White Condiment

Pleasantly sweet and sour!

This White Giusti condiment is obtained from a soft pressing of Trebbiano grapes, from which a particularly sweet juice is obtained. This is then combined with high quality white wine vinegars and aged in French oak and ash wooden barrels.

This process retains all the fruity and floral aromas of the grapes, creating a very pleasant condiment, thanks to the contrast of its low acidity and the notes of sweet, yellow fruits and dried citrus.

Use this white wine vinegar with cooked and raw vegetables, salads, fish and fruit salad.

And a recap of great assorted collections that would make the perfect “foodie” gift…

Kalio’s Olive Oils

Kalio’s olive oils are all made from the same kind of fruit, the Koroneiki. The difference between the four varieties we offer depends on when they are harvested, which in turn determines how fruity the oil becomes
01: harvested in November – tastes of green fruit, vegetables, fresh nuts with notes of cut grass and tomato leaf – use with salads, vegetable plates, steamed vegetables, loafs

The balsamic is made from balsamic vinegar aged 5 years in oak barrels. Kalio adds their petimezi – grape must of Corinth grapes cooked in a cauldron at the end of the aging process for a lovely sweetness. Light in acidity and velvety, it has no additives (no trace of caramel) and no added sugar. You will appreciate its notes of red fruits, honey and quince. It goes perfectly with salads, roasted vegetables, meat and fish, as well as with our cuvée 01 olive oil in vinaigrette.

 02: harvested in December – tastes of both green and ripe fruit with floral and hazelnut notes – use with fresh pasta, grilled fish and meat, marinade and salad dressing, cheese, home-made bread, humus
03: harvested in January – tastes of ripe fruit and almond notes – use with white fish, home-made mashed potatoes, baking, chocolate cake, roasted fruits


Our new “Monocultivar” line contains three precious oils extracted at very low temperature in our mill, in purity from every single cultivar.


This olive’s unique characteristic is that it contains three times the polyphenols of any other olive oil. Polyphenols are the best natural antioxidant for our body, powerful anti-inflammatory with a long list of benefits.

It has an intense green, herbaceous fruity flavour similar to that of artichokes, almond and fresh cut grass. In addition to that it carries with it a finishing touch of pleasant bitterness and a unique spiciness.

Perfect for first structured courses, soups and legume soups, red meats and grilled fish, for crudités and of course, in all its purity, on bread bruschetta.


Perfect with white meats and all kinds of fish, raw and cooked. Salads, vegetables and fresh cheeses also lend themselves very well to its aromatic notes. Ideal for the preparation of desserts and ice creams.


Perfect for flavoring legume soups, bruschetta, salads but also fish dishes and white meats. Also excellent raw on vegetables and salads.

Oleicola Jaen AOVE

This gift box of extra virgin olive oils contains 4 Varieties described below.

Arbequina – It carries with it aromas of fruit porridge, very light bitterness.

Use with sauces like mayonnaise, aioli, béchamel, etc. It is also highly recommended for meats and white fish, as well as for the preparation of desserts and biscuits.

Picual – It has an intense fruity, green leaf quality like that from tomatoes, banana peel, fennel, artichoke and bitter almond.

Use with foods that include garlic, onion, pepper, fresh salads and baked blue fish. Also may be sprinkled as a final ingredient on red meats and traditional stews. Also highly recommended for desserts with citrus fruits like orange and especially for sweets with chocolate.

Frantoio – It is intensely fruity, clean and fragrant. It carries with it base notes of grassy flavors, artichoke and almond that’s mixed with the perfume of fresh green olive followed up by notes of apple and banana.

Pour onto cold, warm or hot food. Salads, bread and oil, capriccios, vegetables, steamed, grilled, baked or roast fish or meat.

Hojiblanca – This olive takes its name from the white undersides of its leaves. It is also known as lucetina due to the metallic reflection given off by its leaves when they get hit by sunlight.

The richness of their aroma of freshly cut grass and fresh fruit is perfect for enhancing the flavour of oily fish like salmon and tuna.