A Taste of Italy with Viani

Classico (traditional tomato sauce) – The basic sugo of tomatoes, onions, olive oil and salt tastes lovely with spaghetti and tagliatelle. Refined with fresh basil, this makes a quick authentic Italian meal or a primo piatto.

Nonna (tomato sauce with mixed veggies) – Lots of carrots, onions and some garlic make up this slightly hearty sugo. In addition, there is basil once grown in Viani’s own kitchen garden. This sauce makes a good sauce for Scalloppine alla Pizzaiola.

Pesto (sun-dried tomatoes) – This fruity pesto from dried tomatoes, Grana Padano, cashews and extra virgin olive oil is made according to Viani’s recipe without garlic. It can be used as a pesto with hot pasta as well as on bruschetta.

Pesto (without garlic) – This pesto comes directly from Liguria. It is made with Ligurian basil, but without garlic. It has a pleasant consistency, nice and lumpy.

Pesto (with garlic) – Coming directly from Liguria, Viani has a pesto Genoese style made with garlic. It is pleasantly piecey and is made with Ligurian basil. Top seller!

Carciofi (artichokes) – These small artichoke hearts are perfectly cooked in olive oil. They are cleaned and pickled together with herbs. Their size fits perfectly on a toothpick. Cooked and raw ham, salami and toasted bread are lovely eaten together with these artichokes.

Antipasto (mixed Sicilian veggies) – You don’t need to pair this antipasto with anything except maybe some bread. Crunchy zucchini, red and yellow peppers offer the perfect bite with the occasional pine nut and sweet raisin surprise, which have released some of their aroma to the oil.

Cipolle (pickled onions) – Still crunchy, yet soaked in olive oil, these sweet-sour, dark red onion pieces make a wonderful accompaniment to ham, salami and steak, but also to cream cheeses such as ricotta and burrata.

Olive Miste (with garlic and chili) – Green and black olives are seasoned with whole cloves of garlic and red chili pieces. The fleshy, green olives make an interesting mix with the small, slightly bitter black ones. The ideal companion to an aperitivo.

Capperi in Coarse Sea Salt – From the island of Salina come these small capers. They are preserved in sea salt and must be thoroughly rinsed before eating. They have an intense, elegant taste that is suitable as an ingredient for tuna and vegetable salads, vitello tonnato, dips and much more.

Pomodori , Semi-Dried Tomatoes – These semi-dried tomatoes have a nice consistency. They are pickled in olive oil with lots of herbs and a little garlic, and are very tasty eaten alongside raw ham, salami and ripe cheeses.

Tomato Sauce with Basil – Fruity, plain and simple, this sauce is made of ripe tomatoes and basil plus extra virgin olive oil.