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Herma’s News – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas, Peugeot, Olive Oil and Cheese

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. – William Shakespeare

Dear Customers,

We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day. Whether you are spending it with charming friends, a spectacular lover or cozy alone watching a romantic movie or two, we hope you will visit us for any last minute shopping needs.

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Fraktals Chocolate – Herma’s Wrapped Gift Certificates – Gold Leaf Dusting Powder, Bath Salts and Bubble BathUno de 50 Jewelry – Champagne Flutes – Fondue Pots – Chocolate for Fondue – Mini Raclette for Two (50% off) – Pretty Tea Cup and Saucer – a warm, fluffy Throw (50% off) – Beekman 1802 Body Care – Michel Design Works Body Care – Scented Candles – Lampe Berger Lamps – Cheese and Cracker on top of Harry’s Cheese Board – Gift Basket of Gourmet Goodies

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Herma’s favourite?

Thyme’s Gold Leaf Body Care

Enjoy the smooth jasmine, sheer roses, heady hyacinth, creamy lily of the valley and lavish oak moss that all contribute to create the heavenly fragrance of Gold Leaf. The Gold Leaf bouquet is better than any regular bouquet of flowers. Wink! Wink!

Taco’s Find…

Peugeot Salt & Pepper Mills

Peugeot pepper mills are made using the highest quality material and provide the perfect grinding solution. Peugeot pepper mills are the preferred choice of most leading chefs because of the quality of the pepper mill and its grating consistency. What’s more? They come with a lifetime guarantee.

Find an array of choices – natural wood, stainless steel, dark wood and black in various sizes.

Create your own Salt Bar or Pepper Bar with…

The Zanzibar Salt and Pepper Mills


Peugeot’s Zanzibar allows the discerning chef or adventurous gourmet, who pay attention to the various nuanced flavours of salts and peppers, to have a more varied option when using their salt and pepper mills. Take a look at Zanzibar’s Pepper, 3-in-1, Mill which allows you, with the push of a button to switch containers while using your mill. Herma also carries the Zanzibar Salt Mill.

Savings at Herma’s

BONO Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25% off

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We are excited to offer BONO’s beautiful Italia Olive Oils at a special price this week. Each individual olive oil is fashioned and named after a specific tarot card. What does the future hold for you in the kitchen?

La Temperanza

The olive oil that bears the name of the temperance card offers rich floral notes and a pleasing fruitiness, with hints of banana, vanilla and a dash of sage, mint and basil. The full, refined flavor offers traces of dried fruit and celery, whilst providing a balance between pungency and bitterness.

Makes a beautiful olive oil dressing for chicken and mango salad or fish. Also nice with soft cheeses.


The olive oil that bears the name of the hermit card offers a full bouquet, rich in traces of dried fruit, lettuce and artichoke. The taste presents us with almond, fresh walnut and artichoke along with hints of pepper and bitterness that balance beautifully.

Use this olive oil in a salad with apple, celery and feta or as an accompaniment to soup.

La Giustizia

The olive oil that bears the name of justice is both eclectic and balanced – perfect for any dish. A workhorse as we like to call versatile types of olive oils.

Great to use while cooking on the stove or any type of food preparation!

Il Sole

The olive oil that bears the name of the sun is hearty, generous along with being titillating and a bit spicy. It has a fine, unmistakable nose – an explosion of fresh tomato pulp and tomato leaf, followed by oregano and marine-like aromas. The flavour is full and strong with more than a touch of vegetable, freshly cut grass, celery and lettuce.

Use drizzled over a Caprese salad, in guacamole or a Bloody Mary.

Find in the Cheese Shop!

The Cheese Shop

A decadent way to spend Valentine’s Day is with a beautiful cheese tray that you can snack on and pick at as you enjoy time with your loved one, friend or while treating yourself to a romantic movie. Find brie – our favourite for romance, along with cheddars, blues, Parmesan and so much more at Herma’s. We even carry a Chocolate Wensleydale Cheese.

Featured Cheese

Le Délice de Bourgogne

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Le Délice de Bourgogne is a French classic triple crème cheese with a bloomy rind that is perfect for Valentine’s Day decadence. This seductive cheese is made by blending full fat cow’s milk with Crème fraîche. The result is a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture with a fine, delicate taste. The mushroom aroma of thin rind contrasts beautifully with its rich, creamy, buttery and tangy notes. 

Pair with Champagne!


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Created by the Borgo family in Vaughan, Ontario, Ashley Goat has a bloomy rind and pasteurized goat’s milk cheese interior. It also contains a line of ash running through the middle. FYI: The line of ash is reminiscent of olden days when monks would separate their morning milk from their evening milk. Enjoy its fresh, tangy flavour with a touch of earthiness, caused by the ash.

Pairs well with a crisp White, fruity Red or dry Rosé.

From all of us at Herma’s, we wish you a lovely Valentine’s Day and a beautiful Family Day weekend.


Meredith Ender

Communication Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts