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Herma’s News – St. Patrick’s Day Issue and Mistral Fragrance for Men

Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame! – William Butler Yeats

Dear Customers,

Next Tuesday is St. Patrick’s Day which is a wonderful time to turn our thoughts toward the magical beauty and charm of Ireland and its people. And of course it also gives us a good reason to let loose with drink and merriment. At Herma’s we believe the best way to toast the Emerald Isle is with…

A Ploughman’s Platter for St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks's Day hat with clover

Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

A Ploughman’s Platter is the perfect meal for St Patrick’s Day as it is considered real pub grub – a meal in which you may enjoy your pints and tell stories in true Irish fashion. With this type of platter you may sit a long time while savouring simple, yet very tasty food that pairs well with a nice, tall, frothy pint of beer.

History of the Ploughman’s Platter

This type of meal first originated in the British Isles (including the Emerald one) and was named after farmers, or plow men, who would bring a cold lunch with them as they headed out for the day.

The ploughman’s lunch first entered the pub scene as an inexpensive meal that included cheddar, Stilton, or other local cheeses, sliced ham, bread, butter, a Branston pickle, and maybe a hard boiled egg or two.

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Find what you need at Herma’s – The possibilities are endless!

Today it’s enjoyed as a social meal in pubs, cafes, and as we suggest, in the comfort of your own home. At Herma’s you have lots to choose from while creating your own personalized ploughman’s platter – a variety of cheeses (including Irish ones), crackers, salamis, gherkins, peas, carrots, Cartwright & Butler’s Real Ale Chutney, Manoucher Baguette, Cow’s Creamery Butter and The Fine Cheese Co.’s Pickled Shallots, Pears and Figs.

Also try Herma’s Signature Products like the  Stilton Pate, Beer Cheese and Liver Pate.

For your choice of cracker consider… Miller’s Elements Ale Crackers which are beer crackers for cheese made with hops, roasted barley, malt and English ale.

Added fun for St. Patrick’s Day ?

For St. Patrick’s Day we suggest creating mini shish-kebobs with cubes of orange cheddar, pickled onion and gherkins, which, if placed in the correct order may represent the colours of the Irish flag. Toss these onto your platter for festive fun.

Harry’s Cheese Boards

Harry’s rustic, wooden cheese boards make the perfect platform for Ploughman’s Platters. They come in various sizes from a small individual size ($20) to large, and are nicely priced. Small individual platters are perfect for serving Ploughman’s Platters to each guest at your table. Of course communal grazing from one large one is jolly good fun as well.

St. Patrick’s Day Foods from the Village Grocer



For a delicious and easy meal to prepare for St. Patrick’s Day consider these Village Grocer frozen foods.

Here are a few suggestions…

  1. Leek & Potato Soup may be enjoyed in addition to your Ploughman’s Platter.
  2. For Irish Stew use the Village Kitchen’s Beef, Beer & Onions and add peas and potatoes to the mix.
  3. For Bangers & Mash place Village Grocer’s Guinness Sausages, a little of their Beef Gravy and Mashed Potatoes on your plate along with a few dollops of Rootham’s Caramelized Onion Chutney.  Note: To make your mashed potatoes extra cheesy add 2 cups of shredded Irish cheddar and mix with a little olive oil to soften.
  4. Colcannon Recipe (using The Village Kitchen’s Mashed Potatoes)
  • Heat leek (white parts only, diced) and a cabbage (shredded) for 15 minutes over medium heat with a cup of milk or heavy cream, 2 tablespoons of butter, and a little nutmeg.
  • After, thaw and heat mashed potatoes in oven, mix leek and cabbage into potatoes and place in baking dish.
  • Place under a broiler for 5 minutes until a little browned on top. Pour some melted butter over it and voila! – An Irish classic.

Enjoy Colcannon with the Village Grocer’s mouth-watering Smoked Pork Chops!

Herma’s New Arrivals

Mistral Fragrances for Men



At Herma’s find…Eau de Parfum for Men – Post-Shave Balm – Luxury Soap.

Warm, full-bodied and complex, the subtle sweetness of vanilla spiced with smoked oak and a twist of golden tobacco leaf delivers an elegant and distinguished scent. Bold and alluring, with old world charm, it is simply irresistible. – Mistral



At Herma’s find…Eau de Parfum for Men – Perfect Glide Shave Cream – Post-Shave Balm – Luxury Soap

Our signature blend of cool marine breezes and Atlas pine creates an exhilarating, easy-to-wear fragrance with a natural allure. Raw and elemental, evoking salt-strewn waves on the open sea and towering forests, it captures the rugged spirit of Provence. – Mistral

We offer the usual favourite luxury soaps for men that we normally carry plus a NEW fragrance called Salted Gin which is a refined blend of iced grapefruit, wild botanicals, and white musk, splashed with chilled saltwater and juniper. Simply intoxicating!

Also just in!

Godiva Chocolates

Everyone loves the exquisite tasting experience of Godiva chocolates whether they be truffles, hot cocoa, assorted chocolates or  chocolate bars.

Our gold wrapped chocolate bars come in amazing flavours of Dark Chocolate Strawberry, Solid Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate with Strawberry Flavored Filling, Milk Chocolate Caramel, Dark Chocolate with Mint Filling, Milk Chocolate Almond and, of course, Milk Chocolate.

Taco’s Find

Award-winning Dreamfarm’s Chopula

This year’s Reddot Winner and Best of the Best 2011

The Cheese Shop

signature product

Come to Herma’s this weekend as you prepare for St. Patrick’s Day fun. We will have some amazing Irish cheeses and some boozy ones too – find in our coolers.

Also look for a lovely new arrival that we can’t say enough about. Introducing one of the best soft-ripened, triple-cream cheeses ever to come from France…

Prince la Fontaine

Extraordinarily rich, excitingly buttery, and seriously soft – this triple cream pairs beautifully with Champagne or a dark berry Syrah, but don’t expect it to last! You’ll devour it in one sitting.

We hope you visit soon and that you will think of us as you prepare to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day next week.

Meredith Ender
Communication Coordinator
Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts