Herma’s News – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, Burrata and Buffalo Mozzarella and Newly Arrived Items

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. – Francois de la Rochefoucald

Dear Customers,

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to surprise your mother, wife, relative or friend with a surprise gift or package – a beautiful expression of love.

Mother’s Day

Look no further than Herma’s to find that special gift.

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Michel Design Works Gardenia Gift Basket, $70

(The pictured gift basket contains…Foaming Shea Butter Hand Soap – Hand and Body Lotion with Shea Butter – Moisturizing Shea Butter Soap – Assorted Godiva Truffles)

Ordering Custom Gift Baskets

Call 905-885-9250 to let us know what you would like and we will do our best to accommodate you. Custom Gift Baskets generally start at $100 + $10 wrapping fee.

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Herma’s Wrapped Gift Certificates ($25, $50 and $100)

Gift Ideas

Wrapped Gift Certificates – Cup & Saucers Gift Sets  – Handmade Shawls – Heart Pillows – Michel Design Soaps and Lotions – Gold Leaf Perfume, Powder and Bubble Bath – Vidda Jewelry – Jacqueline Kent Jewelry – Baggallini Purses – Bracelet Flask  – Tea Pot – Cedar’s Pink Rose Distilled Non-Alcohol Spirits – Bunches of Permanent Botanical Roses – Puzzles – Godiva – Fraktals – and so much more

Gifts in Pictures

To view Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, go to the blog section of hermas.ca or click on the following link…

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts (hermas.ca)

We will also be posting gift ideas on Facebook and Instagram daily now until Mother’s Day.

Curbside Pickup

If you see something you like, call 905-885-9250 with payment method ready. Call again when you arrive in the parking lot and we will bring items to you.

We are OPEN to customers for all food and other essentials.

Herma’s Cheese Shop

Celebrating you, our essential customers, NOW until May 20th.

25% off ALL Cheese, Prosciutto, Fennel Salami, Porchetta and Maple Sugar Ham (sliced)

Italian Burrata

How may I serve thee, let me count the ways.

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photo by The Fine Cheese Co.

Burrata means “buttered” in Italian and is really rich. It is fresh cheese at its best. Burrata resembles a ball of mozzarella, but when you take a closer look you will find this round of cheese is softer, and when cut, has an interior that spills out, revealing soft, stringy curd and fresh cream.

Herma’s serving suggestion…

Keep it Simple

Dust Burrata with freshly ground pepper and herbs and drizzle with olive oil. Serve on top of grilled baguette slices.

Burratta’s milky mildness also lends itself well to acidic, flavorful foods.  Pair with prosciutto, roasted tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, olive tapenade or pesto. Also pairs well with fruits.

Italian Buffalo Mozzarella DOP

Buffalo or not buffalo, that is the question.

Buffalo Mozzarella is creamier, softer, and far more flavorful than that of cow’s milk cheese with a tanginess and depth of flavor that is all its own. This can be attributed to water buffalo milk’s high fat content — nearly double that of cow’s milk. It’s primarily produced in the hills around Naples where water buffalo are most plentiful.

Herma’s Serving Suggestions…

Buffalo Mozzarella on Baguette 

Top Manoucher Baguette slices with buffalo mozzarella and broil the slices in the oven. Top with your favourite Salt Spring Kitchen spread.

Buffalo Mozzarella on Greens

Cut mozzarella in cubes. Coat with pesto and olive oil. Marinate at least 30 minutes before placing cubes on slices of cucumber, bell pepper and endive or radicchio leavesBest served on the same day it is made.

Buffalo Mozzarella may also be enjoyed as a Caprese Salad (with tomato and fresh basil), on pizza and in pasta, omelets and casseroles.

Setting the Stage

Newly arrived and perfect for entertaining…

Hilborn Pottery

The above cheese suggestions would look lovely served on our Hilborn pottery.

Hilborn’s handmade pottery, created by ceramic artist Nancy Hilborn in East Cambridge, Ontario, include Pistachio Dishes, Olive Dishes, Asparagus Dishes and many styles of serving sets and platters.

Food and Drink Safe – Oven, Microwave and Dishwasher Proof

Rainlite Candles

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photo by Abbott

Battery Operated with Remote Control

RainLite Candles are battery operated outdoor candles that come with a remote and built-in timer.

Withstands most outdoor weather conditions.

Shopping Online

Visit Herma’s Shopify Store to order online today!

Below are just a couple of the fantastic finds located on our online store.

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Teapot, Cup and Saucer Set

This elegant set comes packaged in a beautiful matching box. $75

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Jellycat Book with matching Animal and fun Hot Chocolate

Cyril’s Big Adventure Collection, $65

How to shop…

1. Go to the following link (copy and paste)


2. Click on Catalogue to view products available. If using cell phone click on three bars in right hand corner and then click Catalogue.

3. Select whatever product interests you. You will find details about that product and will be given an option to purchase online.

We are NOW selling Mistral Soap, Baggallini Purses, Fraktals, Puzzles and so much more online. New merchandise is being added daily.

We look forward to seeing you in coming days. Have a wonderful weekend!

Stay safe and be well.


Meredith Ender

Communications Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts