Herma’s News – Christmas magic, NEW Arrivals, Tagine Cooking, Gruyere Recipes and Exclusive Sale

Live in each season as it passes. Breath the air. Drink the drink. Taste the fruit. And resign yourself to the influence of the earth. – Henry David Thoreau

Dear Customers,

There is a world-wind of activity occurring at Herma’s as I write this newsletter, which I’m sure will result in Herma and Gordon’s own brand of magic. And magical is what Herma’s is this time of year as decorations and special foods of the season arrive in waves. The first wave of NEW holiday foods has given us light and fluffy Amaretti Virginia Panettone and Seggiano’s delicate Baked Fig Balls which are beautiful on a cheese platter. A special treat! 

Beautiful NEW gifts and home décor may be found throughout the store making Herma’s an exciting place to shop.

To view more Christmas items for a sneak preview click on the link below.

Sneak Peek at Herma’s Christmas Decorations – Herma’s News (hermas.ca)

From Fine Foods & Gifts to Christmas Shop & Market

Christmas is two months away. This means two months of Herma’s turning into a Christmas shop and market that rivals that of any in Europe. It is always exciting to receive our first deliveries which cause us to burst at the seams with new product that will delight and bring good cheer to all those that like to make merry.  

NEW from Jellycat

No stuffed animal is as cuddly soft and adorable as those from Jellycat. Find sweet little books and cuddly friends at Herma’s. They are looking for a good home.

Adventures in the Kithen

Imagine the aroma of exotic spices filling your home and the beauty of juicy, tender meat and vegetables that have been stewing for hours in a Tagine pot. A Tagine pot provides a unique environment for foods as the conical shape of the lid allows evaporated juices to circulate through the pot which makes meat and veggies beautifully tender and flavourful. At Herma’s find Emile Henry Tagines which are made from the latest ceramic – highly reactive and yet gentle allowing heat is distributed evenly.

Tagine Tips
Begin on low heat. – Make sure there is always liquid in your tagine when cooking. – If necessary, add a small glass of water. – The tagine steam cooks the food, so keep the lid on during cooking. – A long cooking time on low heat gives the best results. – Marinating your meat with Moroccan spices the night before will provide extra flavour.
Moroccan Meal
Moroccan food is often eaten directly from the Tagine. Bread is used to mop up sauces and to pick up foods. When using your own individual plate, however, you may still use bread to mop up remaining sauces. Rice served on the side also helps soak up the tasty juices and sauce.

Suggested Foods

Rose Harissa

Rose Harissa has a slow-burning chili heat, balanced with sweet smokiness that adds real depth of flavour to any dish. It is one of Belazu’s signature ingredients and bestsellers, having been developed from a secret recipe back in 1995. While Harissa is traditionally used in North African and Middle Eastern food, its slow-burning chili heat, balanced with sweet smokiness means it is incredibly versatile. Dollop on eggs, add to tagine or slow cooked meals, use as meat marinade, stir into soups and stews and add to seafood dishes. 

Moroccan Paste

Smoked paprika, citrusy pickled lemons and sweet umami packed tomatoes add a bold complex flavour to this Moroccan classic. Use it to add depth to any one pot dish, the classic tagine being just one example. Marinate roasted vegetables, mix into Middle Eastern meatballs and stir through yoghurt or fry with onion to make a base.

Preserved Beldi Lemons

These small, fine-skinned, preserved lemons bring a beautiful fragrance to a wide variety of dishes. They are hand sorted and graded for size and quality. They are then hand packed to ensure that the fruit does not bruise and retains its fragrant aroma.

Slice and add to tagine or any slow cooked dish, finely slice and add to a grain or rice salad, chop with chilli and garlic as a dressing, use to stuff a roast chicken, finely slice and add to your couscous or add zest to your chicken stuffing.

Herma's Cheese Shop

Janis is takes great care and thought when ordering cheese for our Cheese Shop. With Janis, three very important factors are taken into account.

  1. Cheeses that are crowd favourites which are also sometimes best enjoyed during certain times of the year.
  2. Cheeses that are necessary staples in the kitchen – cheeses that may be grated or melted for a variety of recipes and dishes.
  3. Cheeses that will allow you to create a well-rounded cheese platter.

Come see the amazing selection we have to offer including favourites like Chateau de Bourgogne, Tallegio, Brie with Truffles, Stilton, Manchegos of different ages and so much more. 

The Beautiful Melting Qualities of Gruyère

Enjoy the classic flavour of a Parisian Bistro or the fun, comfort food of an Alpine lodge with Gruyère’s beautiful melting capabilities. It is smooth and creamy with a nutty flavour that does not overpower other foods. Gruyère is named after the town of Gruyères in Fribourg and may be used in the following foods. 

Quiche – Béchamel Sauce for Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame – Mac n’ Cheese – Baked with Pasta – Cordon Bleu — Soufflé – French Onion Soup – Fondue – Poured over Potatoes – Shredded into Soups – Served on a Cheese Platter

Croque Monsieur and Fondue Recipe

To view recipes for a delicious Croque Monsieur and also Fondue go to the blog section of hermas.ca or click on the link below…

Croque Monsieur and Fondue Recipes using Gruyere – Herma’s News (hermas.ca)

Special for Owners of Reallite and Lightli Candles

For all those that have purchased Reallite and Lightli battery operated candles from us, while supply lasts, we will be offering a remote control so that you may control all your candles at once with the touch of a button. This offer is exclusive to those who are signed up for our newsletter.   

We wish you all the best this weekend. We can’t wait for you to see the magical transformation that has taken place within our store.


Meredith Ender

Communication Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts