Herma’s News – Happy Mother’s Day – Pre-Mother’s Day Celebration

Dear Customers,

This weekend we honour our mothers.

My mom is a never ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness and being.

I may sometimes forget the words, but I always remember the tune. – Graycie Harmon

Be sure to join us for our…


Pre Mother’s Day Celebration

Gift Show and Party

Saturday, May 12th in Herma’s Studio starting at 12 p.m.

Lynn Beckley, our sales representative for Baggallini Bags, Uno de 50 Jewelry, and Michel Design Works, will be making a personal appearance this Saturday in the Studio. She will be showcasing all sorts of beautiful merchandise that will make lovely gifts for women.

Herma will also be offering yummy treats AND you will have a chance to enter your name to win prizes.

Bring your girlfriends for a good time. Also great for hubbies at a loss for gift ideas.

Gift Baskets for Mother’s Day

Gordon has prepared gift baskets for women in honour of Mother’s Day.

These baskets are lovely and will make a big statement of appreciation for any mother or wife lucky enough to receive one.

Other regular priced gifts of $25 or more are also eligible for complimentary gift wrap. Be sure to ask at front desk and don’t forget that we also have gift certificates beautifully wrapped and adorned with spring flowers.

Say Cheese!

We have the perfect gift for cheese lovers…

One piece of cheese, a cheese knife, and our mini Olive Cheese Boards are all you need for a little token of appreciation for your mother, wife, friend, or hostess. We are happy to wrap cheese (taxed) and board on regular priced purchases of $25 or more. Just let us know.

Possible contents of gift…

Pictured is Black Cow Cheddar ($16.95), Silver Cheese Knife ($6.99) and mini Natural Living Olive Cheese Board ($13.99) = $37.93. Regular size is also available along with Harry’s hand-made boards in various sizes.. Have it wrapped up for pretty presentation!

NEW at Herma’s

SEEDLIP Garden 108 and SEEDLIP Spice 94

The world’s first distilled non?alcoholic spirits.

Enjoy on its own with garnish or as a lovely tonic. See recipes on our Facebook page in coming days.


Seedlip Garden 108 is a bright layered blend of individually distilled homegrown hay, hand-picked sweet peas and garden herb distillates.

Seedlip Spice 94 is a complex blend of aromatic, Jamaican All Spice Berry & Cardamom distillates with two barks & a bright citrus peel finish.

Sugar, Calorie, & Sweetener Free – No Artificial Flavours

Also NEW at Herma’s is Hotel Oscar Tango and Lima Zulu from Damien’s!

The Hotel Oscar Tango is an habanero hot sauce made from only fresh ingredients – not salt or sugar added. Best with foods hot off the grill.

The Lima Zulu is a milder, lime-based cousin of the red sauce. With 2-3 fresh squeezed limes in every bottle, it tastes incredibly bright and zesty. Best used with anything that needs a squeeze of lime as in seafood tacos, guacamole and Caesars.

The Village Grocer SpecialChicken Breasts in Orange Sauce (Large 820 grams NOW $15.00, Small 350 grams NOW $9.00)

We hope you have a fabulous weekend and we wish all mothers a beautiful, heart-warming Mother’s Day in which you feel loved and appreciated.

Best Wishes,

Meredith Ender

Communication Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts