Herma’s News – Gearing up for Mother’s Day, What’s NEW with Emile Henry and Springtime Entertaining

Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers which individually seem odorless but all together perfume the air. – Georges Bernanos

Dear Customers,

With the month of May approaching we are excited about Mother’s Day and all the fun entertaining that comes with warmer weather.

Special for Mother’s Day

Herma considers Mother’s Day a special time for gift giving as it is a holiday that honours women that put the needs of others before their own in so many ways. That is why Herma will be offering complimentary gift wrap for Mother’s Day gifts purchased from now until the end of Mother’s Day, May 8th. A $10 savings! Let us know that you would like this service while item is being purchased.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

For a Pictorial Mother’s Day Gift Guide go to the blog section of hermas.ca or click on the link below.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts (hermas.ca)

Here’s what we suggest…

Waxing Poetic Handmade Jewelry – Huggable Heart Pillows – Luxurious, Fragrant Body Care – Whimsical Planters – Scented Candles – Dreamfarm’s Innovative Kitchen Tools – Maison Berger Fragrance Lamps – Hilborn Pottery Serving Dishes – Emile Henry Kitchenware, Bakeware and Grilling Dishes – Special Edition Olive Oil – Chocolate

NEW Emile Henry Arrivals – An amazing selection!

Mortar & Pestle

From pesto to guacamole, chimichurri to hummus, the Emile Henry Mortar & Pestle helps you prepare spice blends, spreads, sauces, and dips quickly and easily, the old fashioned way.

Storage Bowl

The upper level of the bowl is made of cork that serves as a fruit bowl. The lower level, made of ceramic, acts as a mini pantry to store potatoes, onions, beets and other root vegetables, as well as fruit that is not ripe enough – much like that of an old school cellar.

Salt Cellar and Garlic Pot

These are much smaller bowls that look similar to the large storage bowl seen above. Thanks to its cork lid, the Salt Cellar keeps the salt dry & clean. The Garlic Pot’s lack of light delays germination and three small holes provide the right kind of atmosphere to provide a longer shelf life. These bowls are stackable for space saving storage.

Cup/Coddler Egg Nest

This cup and coddler allows you to bake your favourite type of egg dishes such as Shakshouka, huevos rancheros, eggs with ham and cheese, peppers and onions, chorizo, and more.  The lid turns over to double as an egg cup to hold a soft-boiled egg. The container may also be used for other foods as seen in the picture above.

Our Emile Henry collection includes…

Storage Bowls – Cheese Baker – Butter Dish – Oil Dispenser – Mortar and Pestle – Bread Cloche – Baguette Baker – Bread Loaf Baker – Gratin Bowls – Cup/Coddler Egg Nest – Tagines – Salad Bowls – Salad Bowl and Servers – Ramekins – Baking Dishes – Deep Flan Dish – Deep Tart Dish – Pizza Stone – Pitcher – Fish Grill – Artisan Loaf Baker – Italian Bread Loaf Baker – Salt Pig – Salt Cellar – Tart Dish – Dutch Ovenand so much more

Why we love Emile Henry…

Since 1850 Emile Henry has been using a high-fired Burgundy clay that retains heat and can withstand extreme temperatures allowing the cookware to go from freezer to hot oven and then to table – no problem. Dishwasher Safe – Microwave Safe – Scratch Resistant

Special Mother’s Day Treats

Wensleydale Cheese with Strawberry, Chocolate and Champagne will make a special treat on Mother’s Day. We had fun with this cheese one afternoon creating Cheese and Berry Kebabs. We also crumbled it up in a salad and paired it with Brianna’s Blush Wine Vinaigrette. Mmm…delicious.

Just love Garlic & Shrimp Gratin spooned onto toasted baguette. Just heat this package of shrimp gratin as directed and spoon onto slices of Manoucher’s baguette. Will be lovely served alongside a cheese platter or as an hors d’oeuvres.

We can’t say enough about Saltspring Kitchen Co.’s beautiful natural preserves. You will be a winner no matter what serving one of their delicious preserves on top of a soft, creamy white cheese and cracker.

Herma’s Cheese Shop

Janis was quite excited to introduce two stellar cheeses that she had acquired last week.


Isle of Mull Cheddar

Janis has praised this very sharp cheddar as being one of the best one can find. The cows that produce the milk for this cheese have been fed on spent whiskey grain which gives this cheddar a sharp, fruity alcoholic tang. Made on the Isle of Mull off the West Coast of Scotland, we think this amazing cheddar would be great paired with a Barley-Wine, Whiskey or Smoked-Beer. We were only lucky enough to get a small portion of a wheel, so be sure to get it before it’s gone.

Flor de Ajo

Janis can’t wait to slice into this wheel. She feels it is authentically Spanish with lots of character. This intense, raw, organic sheep’s milk cheese infused with black garlic would make a lovely addition to a Tapas night. We suggest pairing with Pinot Noir or a full bodied Rioja.

Note: For a Tapas night involving small plates of foods we also carry a Paella Kit, Chorizo, Manchego Cheese and Quince Paste from Spain.

NEW at Herma’s

Bella Napoli Frozen Pizzas

New York Style Pepperoni – Neapolitan Margherita – Primavera Vegetarian

We are excited to present these delicious pizzas made with superior-quality ingredients. If you try them once, we promise, you’ll definitely be coming back for more.

Northumberland for Ukraine

Courage, Oil on Canvas, 2’x4′, by Meredith Ender

All the proceeds from the sale of this painting will go toward helping Ukrainian refugees.

I initially created a post saying that  proceeds would go toward the Canadian Red Cross’ efforts, however, someone recently brought Northumberland for Ukraine to my attention. They are raising money to help 15 families (total of 75 people) that will settle in Northumberland County. Two of the families have already arrived.

If you are interested in donating to this group, you may do so by clicking on the links below. The fundraising is being spearheaded by Olena Hankivsky, a Ukrainian native that grew up in Northumberland.

Fundraiser by Olena Hankivsky : Northumberland for Ukraine Families (gofundme.com)

Donate Now – Local Food for Local Good (canadahelps.org)

Northumberland for Ukraine organizers are also looking for volunteers that would like to join in the community efforts to welcome and support Ukrainian refugees coming to the County. To get involved email Olena at oah@sfu.ca.

We wish you all the best this weekend and in the days to come.


Meredith Ender

Communications Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts