Herma’s News – Long-weekend Fun Foods and Father’s Day Luncheon

Son, brother, father, lover, friend. There is room in the heart for all the affections, as there is room in heaven for all the stars. – Victor Hugo

Dear Customers,

Victoria Day Long Weekend is a great time to have fun with friends, celebrate the coming of warm weather days, do yard work, and, if it applies to you, a time to open up the cottage. Be sure to visit Herma’s for delicious, easy foods.
Opening the cottage or doing yard work this weekend?

Our Village Kitchen frozen meals and soups will provide you the perfect opportunity to cook something special without all the fuss or mess. This leaves you time to perform all the chores without having to worry about what you are going to eat.

You may also want to try something NEW at Herma’s!

PASTA TAVOLA, located in our freezers, includes wonderful products…

Gourmet Mushroom Ravioli – Three Cheese Ravioli – Tuscan Bean Ravioli – Meat Ravioli – Three Cheese Cannelloni – Butternut Squash Cannelloni – Silky Rose Sauce – Spicy Arrabbiata Sauce – Classico Meat Sauce – Classico Tomato Sauce

Pasta Tavola is an artisanal ravioli and pasta company located in Belleville, Ontario.  Owned by sisters Victoria & Paula, Pasta Tavola products are inspired by their Nonna’s pasta table.  It was here that the sisters learned to appreciate the art of creating and sharing simple yet extraordinary good food.

Pasta Tavola products are handcrafted in small batches using a house blend of flours to create authentically flavoured and silky pasta dough.  Our fillings are thoughtfully contemplated and crafted by hand using locally sourced ingredients from the Hastings & Prince Edward County region whenever possible.   Pasta Tavola products do not contain artificial fillers, additives, preservatives or chemical seasonings. – PASTA TAVOLA

Don’t forget that we also carry Blue Duck Pizza from the Vintage Pizza Pie Company. They create their pizzas in a wood burning oven. Also our Signature Dips and Pates with crackers are so much fun for snacking. We suggest the Beer Cheddar with Crunchmaster’s Roasted Garlic Crackers.

Cheese Department

Fun cheese platters for Victoria Day Weekend may be created by shopping in Herma’s Cheese Boutique!

All sorts of cheeses are pre-cut and ready for pick up in our coolers. Cathy thinks Beppino Occelli’s Whiskey Cheese is the perfect choice for having fun with friends this weekend.

New Arrivals

Stone Town Cheese from St. Mary’s Ontario

Baby Swiss – Home Coming – Game Changer (white wine soaked) – Game Changer (red wine soaked)

Having previously worked in the Swiss Alps, it was always our dream to produce delicious, high quality cheese reminiscent of the renowned Swiss Mountains and made from our own milk. With a profound commitment  to creating cheese of the highest quality and the support of our family, as well as Ramon Eberle, a Master Cheese Maker from Switzerland, our humble dream became a reality. – Hans and Jolanda Weber

Another NEW cheese at Herma’s?

Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar from COW’S CREAMERY in Charlottetown, PEI

This award-winning English style cheddar is made from the milk of cows from the rolling countryside of Prince Edward Island. All of their milk comes from small local farms around P.E.I. Aroma is of fruit and toasted nuts. It has a firm texture with rich, full bodied flavors ending with a tangy bite.

Sampled this Saturday

Back Forty’s Bonnechere from Quebec

The rugged Bonnechere River and the mysterious Bonnechere Caves are unique landmarks of the Ottawa Valley. A distinct feature of our Bonnechere is the rind that is toasted over an open flame before aging. This painstaking process, traditional for certain Basque cheeses, imparts a delicious caramel essence which permeates the body of the cheeses as it ages, and provides a delicious contrast to the tangy and fruity body of the cheese. – Back Forty, http://www.artisancheese.ca/

I was really pleased with it and I liked how the toasting gave the cheese an infusion of smoke. – James Keith, owner

Pairs well with acidic red wines and dark ales.

Don’t forget that we also carry charcuterie!

Herma’s Father’s Day Luncheon

place setting in studio
Herma’s Studio

Sunday, June 18th @ noon in the Studio, $69.95 + tax pp

Charcuterie & Cheese – Caesar Salad – Steak – Dauphinoise Potatoes – Vegetable Medley – Tiramisu

Cooking steak to perfection is Herma’s specialty. Your father or husband will love this lovely meal. Just call 905-885-9250 or stop by to reserve your seat at our table.

Gordon has also been creating gift baskets for Father’s Day complete with Father’s Day Card. Other gifts have been wrapped for easy Father’s Day gift-giving as well, including Mistral Soaps for men. Look for the pretty black wrapping with white ribbon.

We hope you’ll come to visit this week as you make preparations for the long weekend.

Best Wishes,

Meredith Ender

Communication Coordinator

Herma’s Fine Foods & Gifts